November 2022 Challenge

Welcome the the first (of what we hope to become many) Monthly Challenges!
We have set out 4 workouts for you to complete throughout the month. If you complete the challenge you will get this awesome badge as a reward!

Let us know how you get on and which location your favourite is.

Cycling Holidays

The holiday season can be busy - keep your training consistent and mentally escape from your daily routine by exploring these new locations.

When can I complete this challenge?

Anytime in November

Workouts for the November Challenge

Find out more about Monthly Challenges here:


Sounds cool. As of a minute ago, the challenge shows up in the app, but its constituent rides do not. Just letting you know so you can fix it.

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Thanks @AkaPete , unfortunately right now we can only show the badge so have listed the workouts on here. As there are only 4 hopefully you can keep track and get them done and the badge will turn on once completed :smiley:

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I like this idea! #willrideforbadges :slight_smile:

That’s interesting - other badges can show the activities required to achieve them. It’s got me curious what’s different about this one behind the scenes!


Me too.

yep, Sir Wayne @way9e0, I also #willrideforbadges


Agreed :partying_face:

My training for the week sorted :+1:



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This is great timing. I wanted to check out what this challenge was about and I am happy to see that “The Way Out” (which I really enjoyed, actually) and "Ruta Chingaza! are already included in my training plan for the month! So I just need to find the place for the two other ones :slight_smile:

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@Coach.Rupert.H , is there a reason why this and future challenges aren’t shown in the “news” section of the SYSTM’s home tab and/or how could we stay updated on the sessions to complete if we don’t check the forums?


We’ll have that posted on the SYSTM homepage in the next day or two.


I haven’t looked at challenges before. I see the Nov challenge in the home page of the Windows app. Is there a list of challenges somewhere in the app? Do I have to sign up for them or just complete the listed workouts in the specified timeframe?


Just do em. Easy peasy.


Hey @Saddlesaur,
This is the first of Monthly challenges however there are many other badges you can complete in SYSTM:

Happy hunting!

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Too easy. Psychologically speaking, I’d feel more committed and obligated if I had to sign up first, even though there’d be no practical difference.


Sign here _________


Why is “The Way Out” listed as Couchlandrian on the home page? Shouldn’t it be Sufferlandrian?

It’s a trap. I suppose it’s cuz the ride is intended to get you OUT of Couchlandria, so I guess technically, it starts there and leads you straight into Pain, Misery, and Agony. Just like you like it :wink:

Edit: it’s not listed as Couchlandrian. It’s listed as Couchlandria in brackets as in the location begins there, like the others are listed as Colombia, Portugal and NZ

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Ah, I see…

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Made a start on this challenge tonight with OL Portugal: Cascais to the Sintra Rainforest. That’s a great workout - love the scenery, commentary, and insights into the area.

A feature request: it would be really good to get the list of required workouts, and progress information inside the Challenge Badge, similar to how it works for things like completing the AWW badges.