February 2023 Challenge

Welcome to February! New month = New Challenge!
How long will it take you to get the badge?

Climbers Challenge

This is a month for the climbers. We have gathered together some of our most iconic climbing footage on SYSTM and are looking forward to taking on these epic roads with you.

It is an important skill to become a strong climber for any cyclist. Having a good understanding of not only your strengths but weaknesses too can help you to hone in on the specificity of what you’ll need in order to achieve your biggest gains, the more you train on climbs the more efficient you will get.

For more help with hill climbing, check out these links:

These focussed sessions are a great starting point to help you improve your climbing performance. If you are targeting some big climbing events this year, we recommend the Mountainous Fondo Training Plan.

When can I complete this challenge?

Anytime in February

Workouts for the February Challenge


Ooh yes I like the look of this one. :angel:

Tour prep plan adjusted :mountain:


Nice !

Well, Type 2 nice anyway…


Ooh brilliant :clap::clap:.

3 first time workouts for me that fit well in my current plan.

Added bonus of also completing the OL Tasmania badge!


Nice! This lines up well with my rider profile.

Screenshot 2023-01-31 at 15.16.25


And I just got the Climb working too. This is gonna huuuuuurt.



How the heck am I supposed to add these in to my February daily Defender plan? Oi.

Must… earn… badges!!



Excited to earn my first monthly badge. Now to figure out how to incorporate the mountainous grand fondo plan into an Ironman 70.3 plan for Virginia’s Blue Ridge. Thanks for the motivation.


Will try to ADD one a week to my Tour prep plan


Climbing is good, need to work on those climbing legs! Just finished Tour Down Under 4 last night at 11:30 pm to completed the January challenge :sweat_smile:

Only my legs felt too tired to do a criterium after doing The Chores+UCI MTB on Sunday night so I went 6 x 6 min at FTP in level mode instead. Is that considered cheating? :grimacing:

Anyways, looking forward to it!


I miss the same progress list and green markers in the challange awards, as there is on the other badges.
It would be a nice and easy way to know what workouts to do and whats done. Now I have to remember the workouts or go to the web page/forum to see which ones to do. To change the picture like you did in the Jan challange helped little but you still have to scroll to see if you find the picture of the challange.
“My list” helped when I could save all of them in one place. But they still is mixed with other of my fav workouts in that list.

I don’t see this as a must, but will make it easier for us as users :wink:


Can I just say that I’m happy with the Short KOM version from Phil? The Long KOM efforts nearly killed me. So much yellow :yellow_square: :face_vomiting:

Pro Rides for me are like vegetables for my kids: We know it’s good for us, but we just can’t get used to it… Perhaps I’ll start liking them at some point.


The MT wellington ride is available on RGT. I presume it will still count in the challenge if done on that platform??

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I would NOT presume that. I think they’re making an exception for Stage 7 of the Wahoolimabob Tour


Angels was in my Mountain Fondo plan. That’s the first one done!


That song, about 24 minutes in, by LehtMoJoe (Make it Rain (How)) is epic by the way. Free watts blasting you up the hill…


Got that one as my first one on the 4th. All four tucked in with my Tour prep plan in the next 3 weeks


Unfortuntaley we currently do not have the capabilities to recognise activities done outside of SYSTM to count towards badges. Along with being able to find the progress dropdown list in the achievements page these are 2 things on the roadmap for the future which I look forward to seeing implemented but we do not have a timeline for this right now.


Can’t you connect to both and have SYSTM control the trainer? That way maybe get the elevation gain from RGT and the work out from SYSTM?


Yes, you can. I might even do that. Did a test run of this with a No-Vid using the Fit file exporter and it worked great. Not too concerned about the elevation for the workout part of it. In any case, my personal silly plan is to tack on the actual Stelvio Climb in RGT in level mode as Stage 7B after finishing Stage 7a. I publicly committed to doing this already so I have to do it now since the

are always watching #TWAAW


Xoom Xoom!


Cheers @Glen.Coutts - be nice as it’s a climbers challenge to see the total elevation gained by the end of it. Either way, some sessions I haven’t done yet so looking forward to it.