Social Media Merge

We’re moving!

Today, we’re excited to announce that all of the Wahoo SYSTM and Wahoo RGT content that you love is moving over to the Wahoo Fitness social media accounts. Our goal on social media has always been to inspire, motivate, and push you to be a better athlete, so we are bringing our communities together to deliver a better experience for every Wahooligan!

What does this mean for you? Look forward to more awesome content on a consistent and regular basis, featuring all the ways you can ride, train, and connect with your Wahoo X subscription.

What’s next? Make sure you’re following Wahoo on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Strava! Our software social media accounts will become inactive on September 1 and followers will be moved over.


And if we don’t have (read: refuse to use) any of these platforms, @Rupert.H? Will news be posted to SYSTM or…I don’t know…this forum?



I am certainly not going to use Facebook, Instagarm, or X. I do not use Strava either.


I will keep posting on here too don’t worry :wink:


What does “our software social media accounts” refer to…? I’m confused :face_with_diagonal_mouth:


I’m really not sure exactly WHERE the above-mentioned content is now, so I have no idea what is changing. And I guess I don’t actually use the “Wahoo Fitness social media accounts.”

Yeah, never have, never plan to join FB, Instagram, or Twitter.

Been using Strava for almost 9 years, but I use that to follow and encourage friends and fellow riders, not organizations.

I’m honestly amazed at the number of businesses that do not do a very good job communicating with their consumers, even when they have the permission and contact info at their disposal.

When I think it reasonable to do, I gladly provide my email contact info so companies can tell me about recalls, product improvements or updates, new items, and more. But honestly, most don’t do this very effectively. Either they drive people to UNsubscribe by slamming them with constantly repetitive emails with nothing new to share, just more annoying pitches of the same ol’ same ol’, or they just never communicate anything, even though they have vital information that known users of their products ought to be told about, safety issues, failures, whatever.

There’s a Proverb about “go not often to thy neighbor’s house, lest he grow to hate you.”
That’s a principle not practiced by most businesses, but it is as true now as it ever was.

I started getting Wahoo Fitness emails beginning with the registration of my KICKR Bike in January 2021. I’m easily reachable with anything significant pertaining to the KICKR Bike and many other Wahoo products because Wahoo has my email info and I’ve signed up for those.

HOPEFULLY, those emails will continue to come, and HOPEFULLY, they will ALSO BE USED to provide pertinent information about critical news items, like updates to firmware, or recalls, etc, and not just about latest and greatest things to sell me.

In my opinion, it is just flat MISSING THE BOAT not to use that contact method to alert users to new firmware, but I’m not sure that is typically done. And if it isn’t, I have no idea why not.


Hi, to clarify the forum and email will still remain the same this is juts a merge of our social channels so anyone who follows an account on Instagram, Facebook, Linked’In, Strava etc.

I only posted here for information :slight_smile: