Some *love* for SYSTM

I know how easy it is to get a new tool and think ‘oh if only it also did XYZ …’. There will always be room for improvement with any tool, and change is hard (I’ve really enjoyed the year I had with Sufferfest). Still, I wanted to say a few things that I LOVE about SYSTM, with kudos to the developers and the whole team who delivered this.

  1. the flexibility with the calendar! I love quickly and easily swapping days to suit my schedule and adding work-outs on days when I don’t have anything scheduled but want to do a workout (I’m on a lightweight training programme now)
  2. the filters! easy ways to find something I’m in the ‘mood’ for or to swap out a scheduled recovery video I’ve seen 10x with one I haven’t
  3. the variety of strength training! lots of stuff to keep things interesting – this may have been in Sufferfest, but I never saw it in my training programmes, so I didn’t even know.

While I don’t do any running or swimming, I’m sure people who do are glad to have these available in the same tool.

I’m sure there are loads more that don’t come to mind right away but thanks again to everyone.


@rinaf Agreed - I have been using the calendar flexibility a lot to swap similar workouts or move days when I have conflicts or add an outside ride or extra yoga or core work. I also really like the new On Location, Week With and Pro Series workouts although I really was knocked around by Hammer Chase yesterday - barely made it through the 3rd lap.