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Love the workouts and came back to SYSTM expecting outside rides (to headset), calendar functionality and new plans. DC rainmaker had basic analytics screen shots 6 months ago!! They were rumored to launch in 2021 and outside rides were slated loosely for spring this year. I’m beginning to loose confidence this app will deliver what I returned for. I like the Sufferfest workouts but don’t see what the new app has done to improve over Sufferfest but the cost has increased! I really want to use the app as the core content is great.

Please update the users on when the updates will be live


For curiosity sakes, where and why did you go and where did you come from? How long were you away?

Used all winter 2021/2022 and then used TrainerRoad this winter. I missed the engagement of Sufferfest. SYSTM/sufferfest seem to have some the hard work a lot of the workouts are amazing. But what seems relatively simple UI tweaks and calendar functionality (I’m not expecting adaptive training) are not there. Particularly disappointed in the lack of history/passport, removing that makes no sense unless a replacement functionality was in the calendar at the launch of SYSTM. It’s has made the product worse in this instance. This has been requested multiple times and as IT problem is so easy to implement it should be done in a matter of days


I’m committed enough to the platform that I’m going to trust in the process, but your critiques are in no way unfair.



I’ve used Sufferfest on and off for many years, having good results when I did, came back just before the rebrand and payed for a years subscription based on what was coming and like of what was already there … but currently only using it for strength and yoga, I think when my subscription runs out Abi will get my money directly


Is there any ETA on the next update? Or a roadmap for that matter?

I’ve been enjoying SYSTM and the indoor workouts a lot this past winter. Since I just finished another training plan and spring is breaking in Europe I am having a hard time deciding what to do next. I am basically ready to transition to training outdoors again, so I am looking very much forward to the ability to push workouts.

The lack of this, and the ability to actually see outside activities in the calender (not even talking about adaptive training), is starting to feel like a bit of a dealbreaker. It has been announced months ago, yet here we are. I’m a bit torn. On the one hand I’m loving SYSTM, on the other hand I’m starting to miss features. Guess I am not the only one with this problem?


Agreed with the OP and an added explanation. SYSTM was a complete rewrite of the app. They decided to release it without all of the planned changes or enhancements. This has given us numerous benefits already, including a vast amount of new content.

As a member of the beta, I can also say that Wahoo is working diligently to deliver on their promises. Sir @David.McQuillen.KoS keeps his word. Sometimes things just take longer to accomplish than any of us would have hoped.


I am probably in the minority but I will not use/need workouts pushed to a head unit nor require adaptive training. If I did, I wouldn’t waste my time here and I would go to a platform that has it.

That being said, I do wish the calendar was more training flexible but as the platform currently stands, I have ample reason to cherish in the workouts available.


I don’t want adaptive training. Even a list of workout history would be a start


I’m maybe confused but a workout history is available. I hope we are talking the same apples.

SYSTM app > Progress tab > History (top left)
Scroll down.

Not what you are wanting?

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Some people (like me) only have the awards tab there…

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Only awards for me

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@Dan Do you have the special, Knights-only version of SYSTM? Because I don’t see a “history” link across any platform to date. That’s kind of what we’ve all been @#$%ing about since the release.

:thinking: :wink:

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@Dan you must be on a beta, because I only have awards in the progress tab

I think that’s a beta version which, um, we deny all knowledge of and cannot confirm whatsoever.

Let’s just say it’s coming.




Whoops! @dan’s in trouble with GvA! No more beta for you!



Release notes in every update would go a long way too, especially when nothing appears to have been added or fixed. As a user and developer, it is frustrating as hell, and what seems like a lack of engagement around what’s in the pipeline, why features are taking longer than expected.

I think people would be more patient if there was some taking responsibility to say hey, our bad, this is where we’re at.


To be honest I’ve completely lowered my expectations in terms of SYSTM features.
I loosely follow a training plan here, and complement it with outdoor workouts (that I can now send to my Karoo unit) from
I do all of my analysis, planning, calendars etc from
It is a shame that a company like Wahoo that owns hardware and infrastructure is not leveraging any of it. I don’t get it, but I’m not going to lose my sleep over it. I own 2x Wahoo Bolt but I only use Karoo for workouts, because getting a workout inside of a Bolt takes 25 steps…. They could integrate everything with the ELMNT app… but no, it’s like they are two separate companies…. Whatever.


there are release notes though, or are you looking for something else? I totally agree that regular updates on where things are at from a development standpoint would be a nice way to keep users engaged :slight_smile:

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Ah, so there are, this should be surfaced more easily though… or a details button to list the current updates in the app itself.

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