Speculation on data breach wahoofitness


Is this old news, fake news or should we consider taking measures of changing passwords?

I am not the original poster, but I found it through reddit.


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I very rarely use PayPal. Used it two days ago on wahoo fitness. My account is now compromised. Suspicious.

Suspicious indeed. I’ve just changed my Wahoo password as a precautionary, fortunately the old password was different to all my other passwords. Hope you get your Paypal sorted out OK.

Recently a credit card that I only use for a small number of online transactions was compromised. :frowning:

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if you’re worried that your passwords might be leaked, I use: https://haveibeenpwned.com to monitor whether or not my email(s) shows up in a database dump somewhere, firefox has also a monitoring extension.

Another trick if you have a decent email provider: use email sub addressing, on gmail works by using a dot, and for others, it’s a plus sign (myemail+thesufferfestrocks@469.icu)

I haven’t gotten any spam email via the address I use for the sufferfest though… in any case, it would be great to have some statement from Wahoo, specially because the SSO from the sufferfest, seems to use Wahoo’s backend <.<

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I use unique email addresses for nearly every site. None associated with Wahoo Fitness or The Sufferfest are showing up in https://haveibeenpwned.com, and no emails to any of those addresses have been spammed. Just some evidence against a breach, or a full database breach. I’ve had accounts with both for many years.