Speed Comparison

Did a recovery ride today (Colombia Connection) and average speed was 23.4km/h). Friend did the same workout and his average was 45.9km/h. His Avg power was 19 watts more than mine.

Why would there be such a big difference in speed?

It may depend on the settings. I also have huge variations if I set Sufferfest speed vs trainer speed. Also the trainer settings matter, especially wheel size.
Anyway, Sufferfest speed and therefore distance are just estimations and do not really equal an outdoor ride.


Yeah as @Nicola says, the settings will make a big difference. If you use Suf speed it will do some modelling of speed relative to your power. If you’re using your trainer’s own speed, depending on the model and/or settings on your trainer it will either do a similar thing to Suf speed (although its own model) or simply using the effective wheel speed which will purely depend on cadence and gear selection.

On my KICKR for example I can switch between wheel speed or simulated speed.

I generally leave Suf speed on as that way if I ever did swap trainers it wouldn’t make any difference. Although if I’m honest I don’t really pay a lot of attention to speed and distance indoors, especially when doing a structured workout.

Thanks for the replies.
Was done on IOS and then did it now connected to laptop… Reading now very similar to mine.

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