A Week With Ian Boswell: Day 3 - Strength Endurance

Hope you’ve packed your climbing legs. For day 3 with Ian, you’re going to be tackling some big, low-cadence climbs on some of Ian’s favorite routes. When he was in the pro peloton, Ian was know as a formidable climber, so be prepared to dig deep on some tough ascents.

After the ride, you’ll get changed out your kit and help Ian chop and stack some firewood to get through the cold Vermont winters. It’s big day, on and off the bike, so make sure you’re fueled and ready to go.


It was a thoroughly enjoyable workout!

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Channeling his inner GOAT!


It’s not easy but such an important and productive workout.


Got to admit that my quads are a bit tight this morning!

That’s good! Enjoy a rest day


I found it a really good workout and I’m not usually a fan of low rpm work.

The standing sections were a welcome relief and helped enormously to break up the low cadence intervals.

Then the challenge of hitting and holding 110rpm for the full duration of the final 5 minute interval!
There was no way my HR was going to stay in zone 4 for that!


It’s quite a sting-in-the-tail, isn’t it? And different than any of our other low-cadence sessions (e.g., GOAT, Power Station) to have such a sustained, high-cadence effort at the end. Really, really good.


It’s a good workout to do weekly.


Please don’t remind me about those 110+ after the nice grinders at 50+

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The Way Out is closer… with low grinders and high spinners throughout the various lovely climbs…

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