STEER is now $100. Looks like I snoozed

Checked this morning and it was $50. On my trainer ride this morning I finally decided to bite the bullet and get one. Logged on after my ride and it’s $100.

I too share this. I’m gone next week so waited until I could be sure Fedex wouldn’t just leave stuff at my door, and alas the time has passed.

You can still save a little bit on the KICKR STEER bundled with an annual membership… If you know you will extend anyhow, might be worth it for you. It’s $199 USD for the Steer and WahooX Annual membership. That’s about in line with the 15 months for price of 12 months promo they also have.


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Thanks for pointing that out. The reason I waffled so long on getting STEER was I haven’t been a consumer of RGT having only done 2 significant rides since Wahoo bought it last year. I only ride the trainer for training plans during the off season, 4-5 months, so have stuck with a month-to-month subscription. I’ll probably try RGT again using alternative methods of steering (keyboard, phone buttons, jury-rigged phone mount…) substituting it for one of my training plan’s easier or open rides.

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@Saddlesaur What platform are you using RGT on?
If you’re using Windows, this works great (and is way cheaper than the Steer!):

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Thanks for the tip. I’ve been lurking in the RGT FB group and have seen a number of similar option come up, so that’s a def possibility. I kinda like the idea of a cheap rubber phone mount with a ruler or stick between it and the phone and tipping the phone in a similar way to the STEER device. There likely will soon be many 3D printed designs too. Not being an RGT devotee, my motivation to do anything along these lines is rather low ATM.

I don’t use RGT that much but will do to substitute boring rides on SYSTM especially those ones that I have done a few times that now give me no motivation. I did a ride Yesterday
" Transpyrennes stage 16" in the events section and that was a good substitute for a top end zone 2 ride and 53km long. I don’t have a “steer” as I can’t justify the outlay but I did try steering using my laptop which is very close to me on a stand and this worked fine actually using the A and D keys so for me that is good enough for what I do on RGT at present. Also GP lama makes a point that it won’t clamp to anything other that round bars so I presume anyone using a bike on their trainer with a one piece bar and stem is stuffed??

It seems so, in so far as directly using the current STEER device. Similar for TT bars. Also, you can’t readily reach the STEER’s steering tabs with straight bars, like on mtbs or hybrids. They’ll have to resort to, or rig up, one of the many alternatives.