New toy

With my 2023 A race being 90km that is as flat as a pancake (largest climb approximately 10metre altitude gain) I did the only sensible thing and picked up a Wahoo Climb.

I am no climber. 10m may be a stretch too far, I thought I might need some practice!

Any favourite Climb-compatible workouts out there?

P.S. Buying direct from the Canyon sale gave a price 30% lower than Wahoo is offering it at. Seemed a bargain!


There’s an old list somewhere that hasn’t been updated but many of the Sufferfests have gradient coding now, all of the OL rides, the AWW series is fun especially the recent UCI MTB and BMX but I think they’re all coded, plus of course there’s all the Pro Rides. You’re gonna love it!!

Then there’s RGT, FulGaz, Zwift, Rouvy and other sims that let you experience the gradient while you see it on screen in real time. That’s the sweetest!

Here ya go


Pretty much all the On Location rides are brilliant with a CLIMB. I also do pretty much all my easy rides on RGT now since “feeling” the terrain and gearing is quite enjoyable. There’s pretty good variety from the standard RGT roads and I’ve only done a couple magic ones: mostly the OL routes, they really gotta add a Mike Cotty pace bot (or maybe there is and he’s just miles ahead of me?)


I’ve been working through the OLs over the last month or so. Nearly finished them. it did occur to me that Ill need to do them all again now!


Where are you located? I only see a 10% discount.
I might, you know, fire up a VPN and see what’s happening at your location :slight_smile:

edit: nevermind. A simple glance at your profile showed me ofc.

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Canyon UK site has it for £386 which seems like a good idea at the time. Their standard price is usually pretty good though, below Wahoo RRP by the looks of it.

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@leebo Try Attacker and also try any of the On Location or A Week With workouts.

There is a long list of workouts (including a few of the NoVids) that work with the Climb but I feel like some of the newer ones released after the Climb became available work the best.

Also don’t forget about RGT!