Wahoo RGT?



RGT website getting slammed right now I assume, it’s very slow to respond - even through wahoofitness. I imagine other Sufferlandrians (like me) are trying to figure out what this undiscovered part of our country is all about.

Admittedly, what I can see of it looks pretty darn cool. Excited to see where this goes!

There’s some info on the DC Rainmaker website

I keep meaning to cancel my Zwift subscription, this could (should) be the kicker and a good option for those days the weather is too poor to want to go outside, but there’s a NoVid on the schedule :slight_smile:

Saw the announcement. That’s neat, and should benicely complementary. There will be haters (there always are) but this is a nice move imho.

Edit: complEmentary! But the alternative applies.

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This will be great for NoVids to a point, but it gives the whole outdoor ride experience thing. I’ve done a few rides on it, and some of the guys in my cycle club have been riding our regular routes on it in bad weather.


Likewise - I use zwift for the “non-training” rides I do so RGT looks like it could be the perfect companion. I hope we don’t shortly see a commensurate rise in monthly fees but not holding my breath on that one. Magic Roads looks like a great option to replicate local routes when going outdoors is less attractive.

The initial comments at least say there’s no price increase (i.e 2 for 1). Who knows where that will go, but this is definitely additive. If they want to increase I would hope they would look to offer an either/or/both model.

I suspect they’ll keep the pricing the same as SYSTM currently is, which is an increase for RGT subscribers, but they now get a training platform thrown in too.
The benefit to Wahoo is that then they can capture people who want virtual riding or training with a subscription. You don’t always have to increase prices (past the RGT → SYSTM catch-up) if you can increase your market.


Absolutely. And I suspect (though I’ve no idea) that the overlap of users is relatively low (they will know this of course). Onwards and upwards!

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You all are a bit too quick!


:exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:



and i can finally cancel my Zwift subscription!
you guys nailed it again!