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Hi all,

Does anyone know how to get an overview image of of the workout (the ones with the 4DP graph and the workout ‘logo’). I’ve seen other sufferlandrians upload them to their workouts on strava. I found a sufferfest facebook post from over a year ago saying that it doesn’t automatically upload, so is there any way I can download them?

Here are two examples of what I mean if you couldn’t understand:

Both of these sessions (‘The Bat’ and ‘Moon Rider’) were released after that facebook post so they must still exist somewhere.

Many Thanks

The Strava image upload is back (it only went away for a few months) so I suspect most people are just letting it do its thing and not manually uploading anything. Are you asking because you want the image for something else or just for Strava?

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Thanks for your propt reply.

I just want it to upload to Strava which it currently doesn’t do for me. I’ll try to re-connect the apps to each other see if that fixes it.

I think I created my sufferfest account just after that facebook post so I guess that why it wasn’t working?

I seem to recall something being mentioned about it not working if you have your Strava workouts set to be private by default?! If yours are set that way then that might be the issue.

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My Strava workouts are set to private and image uploads work for me. Disconnect and reconnect, or drop a note to the minions

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Same for me. Set to private by default and I get the images. Today Strava is showing me an image of Nine Hammers.


Do you have partner integrations turned on in Strava? I believe I had to turn that on to get them to upload correctly. On the strava website it’s under settings -> Partner Integrations. In the App go to the profile -> gear icon -> partner integrations.

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Thanks for all your help.

My Partner Intergrations are turned on on both Strava and Sufferfest. On Strava, my profile is set to ‘Followers’ and my activities are set to ‘Everyone’, none of which are the most private setting and it still doesn’t upload the image.

I’ll email the minions and see what they say.

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Hope they can get to the bottom of it for you!


Hi team, did you solve the question? I’m back again to The Sufferfest, now SYSTM and after my workout uploaded to Strave I can’t see the picture that I used to see before. Is there something I’m missing? Thanks!

I’m seeing them when my workouts auto-load to Strava. But there are no pictures for No-Vid workouts. What workout did you do today/yesterday that didn’t have the image on Strava?

I did today Getting Away With It… I have Strava connected and workout was uploaded automatically without picture, just the workout information :disappointed:

Solved! I didn’t realize that third party integrations continue as “The Sufferfest” instead of SYSTM. I just turned on and it has uploaded my last 2 workout pictures. Thanks team!