Strava upload issues

I was wondering if anyone else is having issues with Strava uploads from Wahoo System?
Since the request to authenticate to Strava again for auto uploads I have been having the following issues:
Ride doesn’t upload as “virtual ride” anymore and you can’t change it.
No image uploaded (missing out on free advertising).
No wahoo details as a prefix (missing out on free advertising).

Are these deliberate changes to how activities upload to Strava now?
Seems like a step backwards from an integration with third parties point of view.

There’s an existing thread Activities won't sync to other apps for recent syncing issues, including these.


Thanks for the response, looks like the advise is just to raise a support request with Wahoo.

Think someone has already done it

The Minions at Wahoo are actively working on this. No need to submit further tickets.

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Hopefully they’ll get things back to something close to normal soon. My syncs now are not performing as they once did. Now there is no Wahoo SYSTM in the title in Strava as there always was (and which I personally prefer to be there; I get the point of advertising, and am happy to present to others that an alternative to Z— is available and enjoyed by me.)
Also, the standard has been to send the pic over with the activity, but that is failing today as well. I did 2 of the September Challenge rides and neither included the pic nor the Wahoo SYSTM in the title.

Contrary to some measure of comments asking for the Wahoo SYSTM to be dropped from these syncs to Strava, I personally appreciate them, even though I generally edit my titles anyway. Afternoon ride or Morning ride or whatever just means nothing to me, so editing the titles is standard procedure.

I hope the pics AND the Wahoo SYSTM return to being synced across to Strava, and Garmin too, which I also use.


Anyone else have this?: My workouts are uploaded to strava, and most of the time with the image of the workout.

However, those images are now recognised in the same way as photos. So now the Wahoo images show up in the same list as my photos.

Zwift images do not show up in the photos list…

Is this a Strava thing, or a Wahoo thing, or a settings thing?

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I am seeing the same, its a little annoying as it means Strava will start deleting your real photos to keep within the 100 photo limit…

And if you delete then yourself it also removes them from the main workout page too so you are back to a blank page much the same as it was when they first messed it up

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Same here. I’m guessing it’s a Strava thing - but who knows?

Not sure it is… I did an RGT ride on Monday and a Zwift ride today and it doesnt happen (pictures upload as normal)

I believe there is a Wahoo ‘fix’ being made to align with an unannounced Strava change wrt these two issues.


Basically it is. Unless Wahoo is will to drop coin, the pictures are going to be assigned to your profile. I’ve begun process of deleting them. Most of my followers don’t care about them.

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This is highly annoying. Im only commenting here in the hope that it shows that consumers are not impressed with this bug.

Agreed. Very annoying. Have you submitted a support request? Probably the best way to ensure that issues like this are logged and tracked.

No, I have tried in the past. The only response is something along the lines of ‘we aim to make the best products and experiences possible’ we will work hard to continue to build etc etc’

Product itself is great, just an irritating bug.

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With respect, though that may be the response, it’s the only way for them to legitimately track an issue or get a sense of its scope. That is, it could help The Company to assess if it is an issue that’s affecting a few riders in a few circumstances or is this a widespread issue affecting all riders? It also allows them to test things themselves to try to replicate issues to see if this is a bug on their end or the other provider’s?