Strava segment screen

Hi just swapped from garmin to a wahoo bolt as was finding avrg speed slower on garmin and Strava segments not working anyway is it me or when you are on a Strava segment going full gas I find it hard to see if I am behind or ahead when you sprinting it’s really hard to see as it’s so small as shown on photo

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If I am going full gas, I am generally not looking at my head unit.

That said, are you able to zoom in on that field or customize it to show less info?

Edit: also, welcome to the forums @Ukroadie!

Yes understand that normally your balls out but even on long climbs I feel it takes a second to properly look on the garmin just seems a little clearer I wish I could have best of both head units

I always found the bigger problem was that the GPS gives a false sense of precision about where you really are in the segment. It’s same reason you need to take Strava segment KOM leaderboards with a bit of a grain of salt. Of course some GPS are better than others but they all suffer the same fundamental limitation, which of course gets worse the shorter the segment is, especially when other segments are nearby (like a MTB trail that runs parallel to a road for example).

But you find that in general, the segment chaser is useful? I just turned mine off eventually.

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Yeah I try not to get caught up on segments but where I live some of the sprint segments are very highly competitive :crazy_face:


I’ve come to that conclusion after 3 hill climbing QOMs I’d had for a few years were obliterated by none other than Ili Gardener last weekend. For those who don’t know she is the ladies hill climbing champion :see_no_evil: and holds the most QOMs of any woman


well if you’re gonna lose to someone…
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As @devolikewhoa said, you really do have to take KOM segments with a grain of salt (Don’t get me wrong, I love to compete on them when I can!) but ESPECIALLY Sprint segments, where the difference of a KOM or not is one second!
Different devices record differently, and I don’t know how Strava actually manages to distinguish standings when some devices aren’t even measuring every second, but I know for certain that it isn’t foolproof by any means.

And even on longer segments, I’ve seen crazy differentials for my SAME RIDE EFFORTS on the exact same segment recorded on 2 different devices (both set to record every second, btw) and then Strava has come up with different times.
USUALLY, it is a second or two difference, even on longer segments, but every now and then I see results MORE THAN A MINUTE APART on the exact same segment recorded at the same time.

This doesn’t stop me from trying to best my own times or beat others, and I’m sure it won’t stop you either, but it’s at least interesting to realize just how sketchy those times can be.
The saying is, “If it isn’t on Strava, it didn’t happen!” …
But the truth is, “Even if it IS on Strava, it STILL MAY NOT HAVE HAPPENED!” :slight_smile:

As for the original question, I have to admit that Garmin’s use of color for whether you’re ahead (green) or behind (red) the target time is helpful for my old eyes. (whether it’s KOM or a PR or whatever you’ve chosen to display during the segment)