Segment limit on Wahoo bolt/roam

Slightly off topic, but wanted to ask on behalf of a friend

Is there a 100 segment limit to the bolt / bolt v2 / roam ? Apparently there isn’t on Garmin devices.

Somewhat related, I had a strava segment with hashtags in it, and it didn’t sync - does anyone else have this issue?

I don’t know, but have you checked if the segment is a “downhill” one (average gradient <-0.25%) which don’t sync because of a restriction in the Strava API. If it’s not that, I’m happy to create starred segment with “#” in the name and see if it appears on my Roam.

Don’t think it’s the gradient. But good point - I’ll create one with hashtags too and see if that works…

Just created a starred private segment called “#Test #Seg” and that sync’d to my Roam without issue.

FWIW, “#Test #Seg” is 5.1km long, gradient +0.2%

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