Strength for Climbing

This a sentence I cannot envisage ever saying.

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:joy: I didn’t say that I enjoyed it!

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I have done G.O.A.T on a Kickr Bike with the climb feature engaged. It is a totally different experience.

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More :cow::bell:


Have a look and some of the Michael Cotty workouts with videos French Pyrenees.

lots from here SYSTM

Other climbing-focused workouts you could look at are:

  • Thin Air
  • Angels
  • It Seemed Like A Good Idea At The Time
  • It Seemed Like Thin Air (mashup)

In the SYSTM app, you can filter to find the climbing-focused sessions:

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@ChipC I did Stelvio today on Rouvy. Man! It never lets up! Or, rather, it’s always going up. I was glad when the incline was ever below 5%, just for a bit of relief

Apart from a couple of sections, I just stayed in the lowest gear and used the “slightly less steep” bits to get my cadence back up and give the bigger muscles a quick break. In doing so, it reminded me of the Big Gear Varying Cadence NoVid workout (only harder). You might want to give that a try

Also +1 for anything with Mike Cotty in it

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Thanks for the recommendation. I saw that the new RGT has the option of Stelvio on it. Do you know anything about it? I have a friend That would likely let me use is Rouvy account to try it as well

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I should do Stelvio on RGT and compare the two, I guess. I just need to recover the Rouvy one first.

I can’t imagine wanting to do it twice in one day plus the Umbrail! Actually, I can imagine wanting to do it, but being able to is another thing altogether

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Haha. You and I are in the same place then. Whether it becomes a reality will be determined by the next few months.

I will definitely be interested in your take on the RGT Stelvio

I’ve done the Stelvio on RGT. It’s like a longer Alpe d’huez :wink:

Took me a couple of hours. It was lonely (unlike that orange place), but it was totally worth it.

Edit: I should add it took 1:39 to get up then 0:18 to get down :slight_smile:


Why not do ventoux as that is quite the climb and never really lets up.

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