Strength plan/ no cycling plan / workouts selections

Due to non-cycling life demands (annoying…) I cannot commit to even the novice level plan. It’s too many days in a week. But I can incorporate the strength plans with two to three bike sessions a week. But I need some guidance beyond what has been previously posted on the blog NO PLAN? NO PROBLEM in the Suff website. It’s a very good article and i used that last fall to build some cycling around the intermediate strength plan after our youngest minion was born. It worked great and I credit it with increases strength this spring.

I having been doing yoga quite regularly since the beginning of Covid (which has been great) and now want to get back to the strength plan for the indoor training season.

I know to focus on NM sessions the day off (if time allows) and maybe a tempo or threshold session the day after.

My question is about the day or two before a strength session, does it matter what I do? Can I do a MAP or hard FTP session?

Mentally, I need a hard session every once in a while. Really pushing myself and barely making the targets really lifts my spirits, so in these times I would hate to miss out on those type of sessions while doing the strength plan.

Sorry for the long post.


Hi @Erik-KOS,
You are right on track with adding the strength and some NM workouts on that day. As far as doing something the day before strength, go for it! This is a great time to hit a MAP session as long as you are not doing strength every other day. This way you should be fresh to hit those targets. For the first few strength workouts back your legs may feel a little heavy but that should not effect the quality of the strength session. If you get loads of time and decide to follow your strength session with some cadence builds or another NM workout this is where you will likely notice the fatigue. If this is the case and you cant hit the targets then this is the time to bag it.
I hope this helps. Happy Suffering!


Thanks @Coach.Jeff.H. Exactly what I was looking for.

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