Adding Running to Training

One of my training goals was to incorporate yoga, strength and running into my training. I have added yoga then strength one by one and now am ready to add running. Unlike yoga and strength I am unable to add running when creating a plan and looking at the new duathalon plans there is more running that I want to incorporate since I really don’t like to run but I need to run some in preperation for CX season.

What is the best way to add running to my existing plan or sould I build a new plan? I am currently focused on mountain biking but will transition to CX in the fall so maybe build a plan off of one of those or should I replace one of my cycling sessions with a running session or add running on top of my current training plan? If I add it, when should I add it and if I replace a cycling session, which one should I replace?

I keep putting off adding running since I can’t seem to determine how to add it. I am currently using an All Purpose plan with Yoga and Strength added. Any thoughts, ideas or suggestions would be appreciated!

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@Rebecca Maybe manually add a workout each week on a strength day. For what you are using it for I don’t think you need more than 30 minutes each week. Your leg muscle contractions work differently for each sport so it is definitely a good idea.

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Hello @Rebecca! Wonderful to hear you’ve been able to add strength and yoga into your training and you are now ready for some running!

The suggestion from @JSampson to add running to your current plan would work nicely. Following the All Purpose Plan, I recommend you take a look at the Cyclocross plans under Cycling/Event Prep. The Cyclocross plans includes MTB and have running built in as well as giving you the Strength, Yoga and MTP Add-on options.

Happy Training!

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