I have use in 2021 also the free trial and i think an one month subscription. Today, i bought a subscription. But i can activate the 14 days free trial. On Apple it shows that the subcription end normal in one month. Have you any ideas? Have i to buy just the 2 weeks?

Don’t buy the subscription in Apple. At least a month or two ago, it didn’t work right. I got Apple to cancel and refund me and bought the subscription directly from Wahoo SYSTM (on the website) and then logged into the app with my user name and password (which carries the subscription to the app). The Wahoo site will give you the 14 day trail (if you’re eligible) and the option to buy a year at a time which is cheaper.


Thank you, i will do it the next times. I use the trial, because i exist Workouts in the calendar. I will contact the support.