Can't Apply Annual Subscription to iOS During 14 Day Trial

I downloaded the SYSTM app on my iPhone hoping to do some workouts & had planned on purchasing an annual membership. This new SYSTM app links a subscription to your iCloud/apple ID/app store, which is not a big deal, except the only option there was the more expensive $14.99/month payment option and it’s activated by default in order to get the app up and running. Following the instructions I found on the FAQ’s of the Wahoo site, I unsubscribed from that monthly plan and purchased the annual membership on the site, expecting to be able to redeem it. However, when I try to redeem from the email I received, an error saying “Promo not available” and some other text about how it’s not redeemable because I have an iOS account pops up.

I can’t fully deactivate the subscription on my iPhone because it’s stuck in this current 14 day free trial (I can only deactivate future billing beyond the 14 day window), I can’t activate the annual subscription I paid for, and now I can’t even access the workouts in the meantime because I deactivated the subscription per Wahoo’s advice. I’ve missed two days of workouts waiting on a response from a submitted support ticket, and now also have to figure out how to shift my workout calendar forward once I can resume using the app but there doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do that. Frustrating that it’s this hard to apply a membership to an account.

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Customer support was able to resolve my issue.


How, wondering as I am in the same predicament in about 4days

I’m stuck in the same situation. How was it resolved?

I know this is an older thread, but this worked just fine for me just now. Maybe Wahoo or Apple fixed something or maybe the trick is to wait til your trial is fully expired.

I was able to download the app without starting the free trial, take a look at the training plans, try a few free work outs and then manually start the free trial when I had a little more time in my life. I canceled the subscription in iOS, but had a couple more days of access and when that stopped I went and bought the annual subscription in the online store and redeemed it. That was literally a three minute affair. Didn’t even have to close the app on my iPad for it to register the new subscription.

I have to say that worked really well.