SUF, Sport Science and Gadgets That Track LIFE

Many of us probably use the training plans provided by The Sufferfest to get a proper structure into our training.
The training load is predetermined by the coaches, by sport science, but can of course never take into account our daily life and the stress our bodies are put through before we even start the workout.
Nowadays a big number of gadgets are promising to solve this dilemma by tracking a staggering amount of our every day life.

Inspired by this thread about HRV measurement. There are many options out there trying to give you insight to your fitness.
From a brief look through TrainingPeaks it offers Fitness-/Fatigue-/Form- values based on recorded workouts (no considerations for daily life).

I’m an absolute sucker for numbers and I use the quantification of my life/workouts as a big part of my motivation and self-guidance. My Garmin Fenix 6 watch stays on my wrist 24/7. I record my heart rate, sleep, every activity (including SUF), everything.
To go one step further, I would either like to use even more of Garmins Firstbeat technology in conjunction with The Sufferfest, or alternatively, I’m ready to give up on a bit of Garmins hold on me, if The Sufferfest could provide an alternative.
You know, trust the system. :slight_smile:

Right now my data collection pushes everything I do to Garmin. Garmin estimates my fitness level (VO2Max, weekly training load, and more) as well as monitors rest / fatigue (they call this “body battery”).

I don’t know if this text is a feature request, a general bit of rambling about nothing or maybe a discussion starter… Quite possibly a bit of 'em all.
What do you use to track everyday life and what kind of insight are you hoping to gain from this?

And as a secondary part of this topic, maybe somebody could help me sort out a translation problem I have between SUF and Garmin.

Update: I solved my secondary request. :slight_smile:

After my last Full Frontal test I got these new heart rate zones:

Somehow I fail to understand how I should set up my corresponding Garmin zones:
I got confused at sub-threshold, supra-threshold and the different methology between a 5- and 6-zone approach.

I mostly bike and run by the numbers instead of looking at the zone itself, but in order to use Garmins other metrics it’s pretty important to get right. Otherwise, my watch will always tell me my anerobic training is way too low.
Or could this have another reason?

Maybe I am already relying too heavily on gadgets. Nike is possibly right with their slogan: “Just do it.


Interesting post! i do also like looking at my numbers but most importantly i listen to my body, do i feel fresh?tired?.. as for power zones/heart rate zones i use the LTHR, HR and let Training peaks calculate my zones. Then i put those on the Garmin, if that’s best approach I don’t know but i kind of try to keep consistency among the platforms. I will follow this post see wahat others think.


More importantly, how did you find those zones in the app? When I go to my settings, I can only view or set my LTHR, and I did not have that table on my passport either.

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The zones are listed inside the FF workout for me. On the results page. It’s under passport-> all activities -> # Full Frontal.

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Here, that’s how my least results page looks like on iOS. Maybe it’s an information the suf-team added recently?!

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Gotcha, didn’t realize you were talking about the workout.

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Ah, I already solved my secondary request in this topic. I updated the first post accordingly.