Training apps to supplement Sufferfest?

Good morning all.

Wondering if anyone uses outside apps to supplement Sufferfest? Not necessarily like a Zwift thing as an alternative, but good training or tracking apps that supplement your SUFFering? I’m thinking TrainerRoad, TrainingPeaks, Strava, etc.

Don’t know a lot about any of these, interested in any input, pluses/minuses, etc. Thanks!

I use Training Peaks, WKO5 and EliteHRV and Whoop

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GADS! :flushed:

Aside from Training Peaks, I’m not familiar. What do you get out of those others?

During the winter time when I cannot ride outside, and I wish to ride a simulation of an outside ride, I use Rouvy. I also use Training Peaks.

WK05 lets you deep dive into the rabbit hole of power data. The others track your sleep, recovery, strain etc all things that can have an effect on your ability to train or perform on a given day.

I use Strava because I do a good bit of other workouts that I do outside of Sufferfest and I use that to consolidate all of my training under one “umbrella”.

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Mostly used so I can see progress between tests, and to check what my stress load is if I get ill (so I can figure out what breaks me…)

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I use Golden Cheetah for all my rides, hikes and runs.
You need to invest some time to adapt it to your needs, but it’s worth it.

Especially if you are into other sports, as it provides a TriScore for triathletes, or a more general TRIMP score (which i prefer).
You can also get CTL, ATL and TSB from any of the above if you like these metrics.

What i find very interesting and i keep an eye on lately is W’ Balance.

‘Golden cheetah’ is free and does everything expensive software does, just in an uglier form and with bad instructions. There’s also no phone app.

I have the RGT app for indoor cycling racing because you can join races for free.

I’d just not pay for anything for cycling.

For swimming I use ‘ SwimSmooth Guru’. They can analyse your stroke from the sensors in an Apple Watch. I have bought a Platysens Marlin GPS sensor that is more accurate than a watch and synchronises with this app. No recurring fee though.

For running I use the, also free, Wahoo App. The Wahoo ‘TICKR X’ permits running dynamics but there’s no recurring fee.

Strava to track all exercise and Final Surge linked to that to plan and keep track of time spent in zones

I plan my year in TrainingPeaks/wk05 and use that as my workout aggregator and stryd running power to monitor my running.

I sometimes dabble in golden cheetah as I’m a bit of a data nerd and love everything that can be shown in a graph. (Except pie charts, complete uselessness)

There is always, depending on your budget, a time vs. money tradeoff. Yes it is free, but you have to spend the time figuring it out.

At my point in life, time is generally worth more than money.


@CPT_A Strava for social, EliteHRV daily, Wahoo’s app and the Element Bolt for cycling and Suunto’s app for non-bike activities like running, weight lifting, etc. which is uploaded to Strava. I have also used in the past and might try it again.

Strava plus the Elevate app for Strava in Chrome (free).

What does “Elevate” do?

Track all your activities together to get Fitness Trends and track stress, fitness, form, fatigue, etc. Progressions. Compare similar activities. Do deeper analysis, etc.


Golden Cheetah isn’t that hard & after a short learning curve it it is more flexible than the commercial options.

RGT cycling is no more complicated than Strava. The Wahoo App isn’t as glossy as some alternatives but it as flexible as any of them.

My God we’re a bunch of nerds.


Training Peaks

TrainingPeaks for cycling, lifting, speed walking, Strava for cycling.