Suffering in the TdF

After the awful crashes in Le Tour, I think Primoz Roglic showed his Sufferlandrian roots (from cycling news :
Roglič went deep during his rider but managed to stay in his aero tuck, riding a consistent race, just below an average speed of 50km/h. Somehow he even managed to find a lighter side to his suffering after his 32-minute effort.

"I can certainly still laugh,” he told Dutch television channel NOS, finding some optimism in his pain.

“I actually really feel ‘shit’, I can still massively feel my wounds. Fortunately, things have been going a bit better since the fall.


Van Moer sure did suffer quite a bit as well. Did attacker today. In the second to last interval a lotto soudal rider is chased by the wolfpack. Made me giggle :stuck_out_tongue: