ToS 2022: Stage 6: TBTITW is OPEN -- but is it really the best?

It’s here – Stage 6 of the Tour of Sufferlandria is now OPEN! The Best Thing in the world finally has something for those who have been longing for some sustained efforts. Sort of. It’s mostly attacks, surges and big moves wrapped up in a long race effort. But, still. Let’s see how the legs are feeling after five brutal days on Tour. We’re in the final stretch now, Riders!



I’ll have to do a few back stretches before starting this one. Any suggestions, @abicarver? Lower Back Recovery 1 seems about right?


I’ve also had a few back niggles towards the end of the Tour, and keep meaning to visit Abi but life keeps taking over. To the stage… it was a ride of two halves for me, came into it mentally drained & legs were complaining, so was not sure I’d even be able to finish. But a combination of factors turned things around. I love the soundtrack in this one (=endorphins), we had some great bantz going on the TCS chat, the cadence variations in the ride help the legs stay “awake” and avoid SoD, even during the big yellow sections. A bunch sprint is always fun to be (virtually) part of - I got to the line first… :muscle:t2::wink:

Ride well Sufferlandrians. Last stage coming up…it’s quite a monster! :grimacing:


This is my first ToS. I came in not knowing what to expect, taking the stages one after the other, celebrating each of them as a victory. If I had to stop now I would already be delighted. I went through the stages nuclear mode so far with no breaks nor cheating.

But my legs are so sore I can’t put my head into believing I can do stage 7 back to back :scream:

Any advise? Spitting over 2 days taking advantage of the 50 hours window?


@TrapMeSuf Any of the recovery videos would work. Yesterday I did the Hip Flexor and Groin Recovery as my hips get tight from the bike and then sitting in front of a computer all day.


It’s a massive achievement to have done 6 stages nuclear :muscle:
From past experience, the last stage is always daunting (the GvA Gran Fondo, anyone? Kitchen sink?), and if you weren’t doubting yourself a bit, then I’d be questioning whether you had those 4dp values right all along.
Don’t split the videos up though! Of course, it’s technically possible, and life gets in the way etc, but you’ve come this far: glory awaits!
Start with SUF idol. You can absolutely do that. Maybe a 5-10 minute penguin stroll then blender. See how you’re feeling, and reduce values if needed (personally I’d start with MAP to 90). Once you’re through blender you’ll almost see the finish line. Again reduce if needs be, but you’ve already proven you can do this. Go get it!


The text warning at 27:55, relating to prior or expected issues? Haven’t seen the same in any other videos, unless they appear at stem chewing times. Was a problem back then?

So Stage 6…TBTITW

It was tough, very tough but stick to the plan…

Yoga with Abi
GCN Ready, Steady, Go!
Stage 6 TBTITW
10 min Cool Down ride
Yoga with Abi

The first “Race” was tough too much high cadence for my little stumps🤣…
The second “Race” was tough but better🤣…

Legs are now feeling that 158km Reli ride i did on Sunday but nearly at the end now so just need to “suck it up buttercup” and get on with it!..


I completed Stage 6 TBTITW this morning. I’m doing the tour in Focused mode, and this stage is one done at 100%, which translates to an IF 0.93 workout for me. Ouch.

Yeah, my legs are getting heavy, and my body is getting tired. This stage was brutal on the psychological side. The heart rate was normal, but it’s getting harder to keep my preferred high cadence.

While I have an Attacker profile, my identified weakness is VO2, making these repeated yellow MAP sections very difficult.

But the stage is complete, and I’ve only Stage 7 (huh… make that Stages 7.a, 7.b and 7.c) to go!

Yeah, I’ll need to do the post-tour testing plan, as this current overload will definitely increase my fitness.

Courage to all who’ve not yet done the stage!



What I did today was Stoooopid so please don’t do it. I have an annual checkup next week so I had to go and give 3 tubes of blood for tests in advance of that. I had to have been fasted for 10 hours in advance.

In order to get the ride in before work, I had to jump on the bike as soon as I got home. So I grabbed a quick cup of coffee with a tablespoon of Nutella as the only thing in me. I jumped on the bike and was off. About 15 minutes in I realized I forgot my water.

I did make it through, at 100%, but it was far worse than it would have already been. Like I said…Stoooopid!

One day to go…maybe.


Yes I think that is a very good shout. I like these ones too:


Thank you - I’ll definitely give those a go too!

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I think there used to be license warnings in pre-SYSTM intro or outro?

But that’s not the most important question. What I want to know is if people participating in the livestreams are VIOLATORs? HELL HATH NO FURY for them I say! evil laugh

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Thank you sir, may I have another.
Today’s stage certainly resulted in some glorious suffering.

Shout out to the MTP for teaching me the techniques to get me through it at the :100:% target


TBTITW is seeing the "Finished Workout " Feeling better today than yesterday so a good sign going forward. We are almost there friends! Let’s bring it home!!


Stage 6 done straight after stage 5. Wasn’t the original plan but I know I’ll be happy I did this when I get home from work tomorrow. Yoga is in order then to face a big day on Saturday :boom:


I am feeling particularly shattered after that one. I have built in a buffer day by starting early but now my Saturday has gotten complicated, so I may need to face Stage 7 tomorrow. Uggh…


Got through it, which is about all that can be said.

Ok, what’s the second best thing in the world…?


Try to do them one after the other, 10 min break or so. Bathroom break, fresh kit, top off the water bottle and grab a snack. Try. If you need more time, you need more time. If you need to throw a yoga session in between the rides, so be it. You get the badge as long as you complete all rides within the time window. But you’ve surprised yourself so far; why stop now??