Suffering to Fundraise for Marie Curie - FF Completed - Knight of Sufferlandria Training Plan Started

Hi All, hope you’re all suffering/well…
I’m new to online training so apologies if I get any lingo wrong! Had my trainer just under 2 weeks and I’m addicted to the suffering. I undertook the FF the other day and my FTP scored at 171, I thought that was quite low compared to my recent score at my LBS at 210. I have read that the 4DP score can be lower, but that much???

I’ve booked my date to Storm The Castle and I cant wait spend the day in my BTC!
I plan to endure as much pain as possible to prepare myself for a charity event I have in the planning where I will cover over 500 miles and 10000 m elevation gain in 3 days.

I’m fundraising for Marie Curie in memory of my father to thank them as they’re amazing at what they do!
On my journey to my personal challenge I’ve signed up for a few events, the first one is the
Etape Caledonia, an 85 mile route that includes the twisting climb of Mt Schiehallion (1,083m) in April 2021.

It would be awesome if you could head over to my JustGiving page and donate if you can…

If your on instagram you can follow me on my fund-raising journey @strongerfasterolder and @craigscottphohotgrapher

Many thanks in advance and I hope you all have an amazing time over the festive period.


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I also had a crazy low FTP from full frontal (went too hard on 5 min effort). I did the half monty later in the week and got a more normal FTP (actually higher than normal).

The half monty could help you get a more accurate result when you’ve recovered a bit.

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That is interesting, I had a British cycling FTP test with an almost identical result to yours, likewise, my Suff ftp was similar to yours.

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@alchurch did you continue training to the FF FTP score? How did you find the effort?

I was following the BC road plans until I joined Suff. After the FF I was tempted to manually adjust the FF up 35W , but as the suff plans kicked off with all the stuff I could not do, there was no point. I found the mashups torrid . The BC ftp was done with fresh legs, while the Suff is not and so you are not comparing like with like .The BC plans were very generic, would benefit most people to a point, but the Suff training is much more specific .It seriously targets areas of our cycling we did not know existed, and so it was full board Suff, or nothing.