My Half Monty Results - 25-40% improvements in 3 months :)

I want to share my awesome improvements and give a big thanks to the SufferFest team and the community here. You all have been absolutely pivotal and game-changing for my health and cycling.

Quick background:
-Got a Keiser M3i in January
-I hadn’t done any aerobic exercise in about 4 years, and that last time was for 6 months.
-Looked for an app to help me and Sufferfest won the competition.
-From January to May I really didn’t know what I was doing and felt pretty weak. I was just doing the GCN Aerobic Endurance every time I road (just because it had ‘endurance’ in the title lol), but started with only doing 15-30 minutes of it, super low watts, and built up.
-Finally decided to get real and do the All Purpose Road, 12 week plan, but started with the Full Frontal at the beginning of June.

My FF numbers on June 6:
NM 511
AC 245
MAP 151
FTP 106
LTHR 156

I felt like my FTP was a little low due to pacing, but not much, probably more like 110 was accurate.

Did 8 weeks of that plan, loved it, the last few weeks I was increasing my numbers by 5% as workouts felt easy. Had 2 weeks off due to stepdaughter getting covid, me fighting it off probably (though vaccinated) and hurt my back. Then I popped back in with a few easy rides and did the Half Monty.

Half Monty results:
MAP 191 - 26% improvement
FTP 151 - 42% improvement
LTHR 176 - 20 points improvement (though I questioned this in another thread. Could be right, but at least 167 feels solid, so at least a 10 point improvement)

On the ramp test I failed on the last ramp. My big goal and hope was 150 FTP so I was stoked to get it :slight_smile:

My workouts now feel spot on hard and at the right challenge level, appropriate levels of suffering. Those first 8 weeks I was like, all the messages on the screen make me feel like this should suck more. Now I get it lol.

My Garmin keeps estimating me at 201 FTP, which I think is inaccurate, but that is my next goal and I think I still have a lot of potential to go given the baseline of years/decades of couchlandia. I feel super confident that the SF workouts and community will get me there :slight_smile:

Thanks so much, super grateful to have found you all!


Just wait, the best is yet to come. In 3-4 years time, you’ll see MASSIVE gains!


Thanks so much, Sir Alex! That’s very encouraging!

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