Suffering with bruised/broken ribs

Unfortunately I fell and most likely sustained some bruised/broken ribs in a KoM-hunt on my last ride the day before going on summer holiday. As I was not planning to bring my bike for the first 10 days, I had yoga and strength training in mind to maintain fitness.

However, due to the injury, all physical efforts induces discomfort or pain. Heck, I am bracing myself for the shot of pain every time I sneeze. Getting up from laying down even hurts. Should I just rest until the pain is bearable, or are there any exercises I could do? Suggestions are most welcome.

Bruised and broken ribs are not so bad, they only hurt when you breath or move.

I’ve done it myself a few times crashing my motorcycle. You won’t be able to do much of anything till you can move without pain. Its going to take you about 6 - 8 weeks to recover. Your body will let you know when you can start being active again.


Stop telling me stuff I already assume is correct but don’t want to hear :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Unfortunately, I think the best prescription is rest. I know how hard it is, but ultimately, you’re likely to prolong the healing time if you try to push through the pain, and that’s not worth it. You’re better off resting as hard as you train in order to get it over with and get back to doing what you love sooner. Sorry but tough love it is!


Thanks @Coach.Suzie.S! I guess I have felt how the rib cage is involved in almost any movement of the body over the last week, so rest unfortunately makes the most sense.

However, once I get back to my bike, would easy spinning in zone 1 be acceptable though?

I think you have to let pain be your guide. If you have ANY, you’re not ready yet. If it doesn’t hurt to breathe or ride in zone 1, then I don’t see any problem with it.

Finally some good news! :slight_smile:
Have had no pain during normal breathing fortunately, sneezing or deep in-/exhales however causes sudden pain. Will ease into it, and stop whenever I feel the slightest bit of pain.

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Only had bruised and as you say breathing, sneezing and cough all hurt. Had an X-ray after a few days just to make sure. A week off the bike and pain killers meant I could cycle commute ~30min normally to 50 with the bruises. Week 2 made a few more efforts and gradually increased the intensity. Your body will tell you when it’s ready.

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