Trying to regain a little fitness

Following recent accident, I had 4 broken ribs, broken sternum, and had in a cast with to broken fingers.

I did a couple of weeks of recovery and endurance, but deciding I wanted more, did a Half Monty where I didn’t push too hard, so save any aching ribs.

I expect to retest every so often but this seems ok. I do not expect outdoor riding this year



oh man!

Edit: :-1: for the accident :+1: for getting back to it.

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I hope the recovery goes quickly and that you’re riding outside soon!

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Holy hell! :flushed:

And you titled this thread as “trying to regain a little fitness”? Yeah, getting back on your bike is a victory in itself. Maybe hold off on Sufferlandrian glory again until you can manage HM (or anything) without pain?

Kudos to you!

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Were these injuries cycling related? This type of thing is somewhat more common among mtbrs. I myself have a post surgical followup appointment today after having had nose surgery from a mtb otb face-plant.

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Ouch. I feel your (and have directly felt the same) pain. You’ll recover, stay strong!

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It was on the way home with 121 miles on the clock