Support for Cycling Dynamics

It would be very useful for the app to display Cycling Dynamics during the workout from the supported hardware (Assioma UNO/DUO, Garmin, etc), as it will help futher refinement of the pedaling technique…


Could you elaborate more on this? I know what it means, but how would you like to see things implemented, just in order to get a better view on your proposal.
The more defined the feature request, the more votes it could get and raise the chance of it being implemented.


Something similar to what TrainerRoad offers will be a good start I think.

So I see it as additional data on the screen (next to power, cadence) that it can be automatically visible if hardware broadcast those.

At the moment in order to see my balance, torque effectiveness and pedal smoothness during workout I have to track it on external device like Garmin.

I use Assioma DUO for all workouts (inside/outside) and those support a lot of those extra metrics additional to standard power and cadence and broadcast them via ANT+:


I agree. I recently bought Assioma Duo pedals and have an Elemnt Bolt. I only just found out that Wahoo head units don’t show the dynamics data whereas Garmin do.


Showing the Cycling Dynamics would be nice indeed. Power phase and rider position I would like to see and analyse afterwards. But what do you need to see on your head unit? Torque and pedal smoothness? Is this interesting during a ride?

Balance I agree, especially when you have an important power imbalance between L/R. Is this what you mean by balance? Because this can be shown on the wahoo Bolt/Roam.

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Cycling dynamics are great… when you first own a set of power meter pedals. I used to look at them all the time, and now I can’t remover the last time I checked PS or TE. L/R balance is a bit more useful.


I am in the exact same boat. Just bought the Assioma Duo’s and love them. But the Bolt does not show much of the data. That is a surprise considering the rave reviews of the Assioma’s and the broad use of them even in my biking group of about 10 riders.