Windows software to record power meter data?

Bit of an odd one. I need to record data from my power meter, to include pedal smoothness and toque effectiveness. I can’t use SYSTM as it doesn’t include this data, and I can’t use my Elemnt bolt as I need to exclude it being a problem with the Bolt. I don’t have access to another bike computer, so my thoughts were to record onto my pc via ant+ but I need software to capture that data. Does anyone know of any software I can install on my windows pc (preferably for free as I only need it for 5 minutes!) that will capture that data?

In case anyone is internet why, my Assioma Duo have started to have a weird fluctuation on the PS and TE data since the 4.80 firmware update. I’m in touch with Favero and they want to do this to exclude it being an issue with the bike computer.

Maybe Golden cheetah

(I’ve not used it for a while, used it mainly for analytics, but know it has a workout player)

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Did you ask them about an app or script to offload and/or review your data? They might have something in-house that you could capture with that would facilitate your troubleshooting.

But yeah, Golden Cheetah seems to cover a lot of bases for open source.

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I’ll give Golden Cheetah a go. I didn’t realise it could record data. I don’t need it to do anything fancy.

Curious: what’s the problem with the Bolt? I’ve used mine to gather the same info from a single sided PM but was unaware of any issues with the data accuracy.

Also never heard of Golden Cheetah so I’m gonna go check that out.

What about Ray Maker’s DCR Analyzer tool?

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He also had a detailed work up of how to troubleshoot power meter issues.

I don’t know if there is a problem with the Bolt, just odd PS and TE reading from my Assioma’s. It’s more a case of trying to eliminate a variable by recording with something other than the Bolt.

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I don’t think you can record with the DC analyser. I’ll have a look at his trouble shooting guide though. Thanks.

There are a few iPhone apps which “claim” to be able to display Cycling Dynamics if you just want to check the Bolt gives the same data.
I am sure there would be some on Android if that is your flavour.

Not sure Golden Cheetah does the cycling dynamics. Used to train on it loads. They might have added it but I’m skeptical.

There is one solution I can imagine working though. Pretend you are an ANT developer and sign up for a account. Then you can capture all the power meter output as ?Hex. Then you look up the power meter profile on that website & you can figure it out. Not pretty though. Been ages since I did it. Once cycled round with a laptop running it to prove to Garmin that their watch was missing data. Hard drive died soon after….

I did manage to do it via Golden Cheetah, but need to export all the data as a .csv file. Shows the same result as the Bolt so that’s not where the fault lies. It’s a fairly minor issue as power looks fine, it’s just the PS values that seem a bit weird.