Systm and Training Load

Hey there

I’ve done some digging in the forum but am struggling to find updates after October 21 time.

I know the rebrand to Systm stopped the syncing of Garmin’s Training Load with Systm workouts, but is there an update as to where the fix is?

In the meantime, do people have any handy workarounds or alternatives?


Email the workouts to yourself and manually upload to Garmin Connect

Garmin training status and training load is working fine for me. I have linked Garmin Connect account to automatically upload finished workout. There was some problem in the beginning of the Systm launch. Do not forget that these values are computed on compatible Garmin device (in my case it is Forerunner 945) so the workout must be synchronized twice.

If you’re using a Garmin cycle computer, don’t forget to switch it on regularly. If my 530 isn’t used for a few days, I ‘lose’ a workout or 2 from the Garmin training load calculation.

Thanks folks, this seems promising… I have a garmin forerunner 745 which I think is compatible. In the pics you can see my Systm sync plus the emailed version (per Sir Brian), but then no load recognition.

Anything obvious my dumb brain is missing?

@NathMain Please read the following links and check if you have met all conditions. Eg. you must turn on Physio TrueUp, you must do at least two activities per week to generate VO2max etc.
First link: What Is the Training Status Feature on My Garmin Device? | Garmin Support
Second link: Why Is My Training Status Not Updating on My Garmin Device? | Garmin Support

Thanks all for the support. I’ve read the links kindly provided and think I’m good here. So perhaps a dumb follow up but…where would I look to see whether this has worked correctly or not!? I assumed I’d see it under load but all I see there are my outdoor runs…

Thanks all for your patience!

I am not sure if I understand your question, but in the first link I sent, there is the chapter “Where Can I View My Training Status?”.

Well gang, I have no idea what changed but suddenly we are all good! Thanks all for the support and patience!