Garmin Connect training status missing Systm activities


Since the transition from Sufferfest to Wahoo Systm it seems that Garmin Connect does not factor in trainings from from Wahoo Systm when calculating Training Status. I have also noted that trainings from Wahoo Systm appear in Garmin Connect as having unknown origin whereas the trainings from Sufferfest appeared as originating from Sufferfest.

Any advice on how to get Wahoo Systm trainings included in Garmin Connect training status?


Hi @treich my Wahoo workouts go into Garmin ok but it is a known issue and being worked on and will hopefully get sorted sooner rather than later. Not sure what u can do to fix apart from make sure all software is up to date Garmin and SYSTM

I don’t think it will ever show up in the Training Status unless you also track the workout on the watch at the same time, that’s what I usually do but having to use 2 devices isn’t great but unfortunately that’s the only workaround I think at present

Not so. Garmin did an update a few months ago where workouts from Sufferfest, Zwift and a couple of other places get synced onto your First Beats Garmin device (if you have one) for analysis and they then contribute to your training load. If your Sufferfest account uploaded to Garmin Connect, then Garmin would do the analysis on device with no need for dual recording

With the switch to the new SYSTM, that linkage is dead. Garmin and Wahoo are both actively working on solving this.


Hi Shane, Garmin enabled 3rd party imported activities to update status back in June. The switch to Systm had broken it, but the Minions are aware and looking into it.

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Hi @BeatsMe @DameLisa must be me then about 2 months ago I stopped paying attention to most of what Garmin was telling me about training and rest and now use HRV4Training and Rewire which give me much better data. How Garmin can tell you after 3 mins running or 5 mins cycling that your performance is poor/fair or good is beyond me. You might be doing a 2 hour run or ride not 5 mins :rofl::rofl::rofl: Don’t understand that Garmin tidbit at all.

I always find that when my Garmin says my performance condition is poor, that I kick absolute butt! :rofl:

Surely you mean unproductive @DameLisa :joy::joy::joy:

Hahaha, yes Garmin does tend to freak out when I push a few MAP intervals.

I do think in the future these companies will have to look at more data from the participant like did you sleep well, how long did you sleep not going by what the watch says. Do you feel fatigued, are your muscles sore, even mental health questions taking into account everyday life. We all might feel great going into a workout but a bit of stress at home or at work could have a real negative effect on that workout and perform very poorly but that might not show up in your metrics

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Hi All,

Thanks for the informative responses - guess I will remain unproductive in Garmin Connect until issue is resolved :slight_smile:

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I am an unproductive Garmin person now too. Thanks for this, it has clarified my issue with Garmin.