Syncing w garmin

WTF…. Been through the process about 10 times to verify syncing with Garmin and Strava. Strava works beautifully…Garmin no issues with process but when complete it is not on the list. About to get rid of the app….no one from wahoo seems to want to help. Any insight ?

There’s a thread already going on Garmin issues. Maybe start towards the end as Reid has chipped in and said that fixes are being worked on. Garmin training load no longer updating - #14 by


This should now be corrected.

Thank you. So my last issue is I have an annual membership paid for Sufferfest. When I opened wahoo app it prompted me to purchase the free trial. I was told once the free trial ended I would be defaulted into my current subscription. I went to ride on my kickr yesterday and couldn’t access any bike workouts or any of the library. It shows I have to purchase the annual or monthly subscription.
I already did with Sufferfest.
David Hanna
Please advise so I can get riding again without paying twice.

@David_Hanna it is best if you contact the minions and they will sort this for you.

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