Systm - Strava sync speed weirdness

Has anyone else noticed odd but repetitive fluctuations / patterns in speed when looking at a Systm activity in Strava?

This is On Location Lake Chira from 31st May:

I’ve done it again this morning to complete the June challenge badge and the speed is, well, weird:

Zoom in and the speed is repeating the same patterns - other traces are pretty smooth

I also rode Spikes with The Boz this morning (the other June challenge I needed to finish) and that shows similar oscillations


Power is steady as I’m in ERG mode (Saris H3 trainer).

I also sync to Garmin Connect - this is the first five minutes or so of the speed for the Spikes workout:

Haven’t ridden inside for a while so haven’t noticed anything. But I was wondering, are you using “virtual speed”?

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Unless the trainer sends speed information that’s what you have to use. Most smart trainers send speed information and use a 700x23 tire.

Sorry about not replying but back Suffering today with The Trick (yuk).

I think I’ve always left speed set to virtual speed but for The Trick I went with the Saris speed input


Next time I suffer I’ll go back to virtual speed and see what it looks like.

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