How to edit a workout in Systm? Speed and Distance out of wack!

New user to the Systm, did the 4DP Test earlier this evening, 5pm est (10/4). Loved the workout, and the overall ecosystem. However, I assume that something was off on my Elite Suito trainer, as the hour session, showed a distance of 246 miles, and an average speed of 235.3mph!! I sync to TP and Strava, and in TP just removed that data, as everything else, HR, Power, Cadence was correct. However, within in Strava, it was showing I rode these absurd miles and speed, so I temporarily deleted the workout. Would like to re-upload the workout to Strava and also if possible correct the data in Wahoo. Can anyone advise??

Hey Adam,

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with that. It might be worth contact the support channel to see if they can help you with that

I have this problem if when I connect my devices, I don’t use Sufferspeed.

I use my Neo to connect for power, cadence and ERG control but if I use it for speed I get similar results if I also connect the speed but more realistic results when I use Sufferspeed.

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I did contact Wahoo support, and crossing fingers they will get back to me pretty soon :). Once the weather turns to snow (Upstate, NY) … I will move over my Garmin Vector 3s pedals and link them up too. For now, I just did a manual entry to Strava and in TP. When I have used Zwift, all the numbers line up, but I still want to go through a complete calibration on the Suito today.

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I have the same problem. Did you get an answer and how to fix it?

Did Anyone find how to resolve this?
Also aSuito user; no problems with this previously but today after the windows systm update I did gorges de la nesque. Systm says I rode 165.85 kms… And did 400 km per hour😬

Maybe I didn’t have the speed setting set to the trainer and had virtual speed setup?

Are you using SYSTM’s virtual speed in Devices instead of the trainer’s speed? That should give you realistic numbers based on power instead of nonsense numbers based on flywheel rotations (nonsense in erg mode particularly). If that’s not working, I’d let the minions know.

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Yes that was the problem! it seems after the update everything went either to defaults or else my saved settings from back when I used a dumb trainer and virtual speed.
Embarrassing but yes, it was the obvious :wink:

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