SYSTM unable to recognize 2nd ANT+ HR strap?

I have 2 ANT+ HR straps - one is the old school, rigid strap (fine for indoor cycling) and the 2nd is a soft strap/pod with running dynamics - useful for brick workouts (indoor bike, then run). In the old Sufferfest app, I paired both and the app detected which one I was wearing. Not so for SYSTM. I paired the hard strap and SYSTM could never find the soft strap. Today, I was wearing the soft strap and tried to pair to the SYSTM app. No go. I forced SYSTM to ‘forget’ the hard strap. Bingo! The soft strap was discovered within moments. So, it seems that SYSTM can only pair with one ANT+ HR strap, unlike the Sufferfest app.

Anyone have similar / different experiences?

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Hi @giorgitd i have 2 Polar H10 straps and SYSTM does the same for mine too although so did The Sufferfest tbh. I change my HR monitor everyday so when ever I go into SYSTM to do a workout it will pick up the last one used so if your using the other you need to delete/remove it and add the one your using. I’ve also had to do it with my Tacx as well because sometimes SYSTM will pick up my Stryd Footpod instead of the Tacx Neo 2 so it’s not just you getting this.

I’m having the problem of having my HRM disconnected and not reconnected if I leaves the room to refill or relieve.

Previously, the app would reconnect the HRM automatically once I returned to the room.

@Shaned1972 I just had a few emails with SYSTM support. In my case, if I connect HRM #1, I can’t connect HRM #2 unless I ‘remove’ HRM #1. But, after having done that, it seems as if it remembers HRM #1 (removed, but not forgoten?), so that if you click on ‘add sensors’ or ‘add devices’ or whatever it says on that button - I see both HRM #1 and HRM #2 and can choose which one to use. I’ll keep playing around with it… Agree that the SUF app seemed to handle this more gracefully.

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