Pairing Garmin HRM 3–SS

Basic newbie question just can’t seem to get it to work - how do I get the heart rate strap sensor to appear on the SYSTM Sufferfest app?

That the dual HRM I believe, same as mine. Have you wet the sensors on the back of the strap before putting it on? Check the clipon battery thing isn’t upside down.

You also say you’re new, so apologies if you’ve already tried this: In the app, actually play a workout, click the gear icon in the top right corner and there’s a devices tab that should show all your sensors. You’ll need to click “add devices” and your HRM should show there.Cick to add. Hope that helps, let me know where you get stuck and I’ll get some screenshots for you.


Thanks so much for the reply. I have done that and it will not show up. Here’s a question. I have the Garmin edge running simultaneously and it does show up there. Is that canceling out the ability to show up in the sufferfest app? I’ve got everything else showing up such as my kickr and the stats coming from that.

Ah well there is your issue. Bluetooth battles to transmit to two receivers. Turn off your Garmin Edge entirely (don’t just put it to sleep) and maybe shut down and restart SYSTM and try again. I can dual record on my Garmin Edge but only if I connect via ANT+.

Worth switching off your phone’s bluetooth as well, and anything else you have lying around that might try grab the signal.

I used to dual record both to the app on my Pc and to the Garmin (for my Knighthood is one example) but I connected everything via ant+ for that. You can theoretically connect via bluetooth to SYSTM and ant+ to your Garmin if you want to dual record, but you’ll need to make sure the Edge forgets the bluetooth sensor connection and only connects via ant+


Garmin Edge devices connect via ANT+ unless someone has a device that has BTLE sensor connections. But the advice of turning off the Edge device is really sound. If you still cannot connect, see if the device shows up in your Bluetooth connection. if not, something is wrong with the device or another application certainly has grabbed it. Are you running ANY other applications on your PC that use Bluetooth?