TACX Neo/ Neo2T and bike with disc brakes

Hi All

Have seen answers from other forums but incomplete hence asking question here. “Streamlining” my bike garage (aka reducing “n”) and putting a bike with disc brakes on my TACX Neo2T - have installed the 2.7mm non-drive side spacer that came with it and there’s now a small space between the disc brake mechanism and the trainer case (blue) but the cable guard is still right up against it (red). Is this OK? Or do I need to contact TACX for a 5mm spacer in which case I would need to get a longer thu-axle to ensure enough purchase of the axle thread on the drive side.

Photo attached and thanks in advance.

I don’t have discs but for my TT bike (on a Neo 2) I stick electrical tape on the frame where it looks close. Suspect even if it doesn’t touch now with a little bit of flex whilst sprinting it could touch.

I’ve run my Canyon Ultimate on both a Tacx Neo and a Tacx Flux with no issues. My Thru Axle adaptor for the Flux definitely pushes the frame off the trainer. No spacer in between the frame and trainer tho… what’s your normal wheel axle length? Tacx makes several TA adaptors for these two trainers and I’m wondering if yours is the shorter one…

Thanks @Eerke - not really worried about cosmetic marks but am worried about one day finding a pool of brake fluid on the floor from the wrong wear and tear! I think the tape would be more to stop scratching.

@DameLisa Thanks. 142mm TA so fairly standard. Have used the 142mm TA adaptor and on the NDS there’s a supplied 2.7mm spacer that goes on the TA adaptor before it screws into the trainer. Apparently you can get a 5mm from TACX - if I do that though I would definitely need a longer thru-axle. Not sure if it’s necessary and I’m just being paranoid.

If the bike is going to be on the trainer for extended periods of time, I’d just unscrew the bolts attaching the caliper and let it hang out of the way of any moving parts. I have my old bike permanently setup up on my trainer and removed the brake calipers entirely.

Thanks. May resort to that as a safe option.