Trek Checkpoint and Kickr

Hello All,

My apologies if this isn’t the right place - I’m new to the cycling world.
I have a 2021 Checkpoint I bought brand new, and a brand new Kickr - I checked on the website and support for compatibility and used the new adapters Wahoo made.

Putting the bike ON the trainer went pretty smoothly all things considered for the first time using it.

However taking the bike OFF the trainer was massive pain. The through axle got “stuck” and whatever cheap part Trek used was stripping the end of the axle instead of unscrewing it - I had to use a wrench to unscrew the axle.

Did I do something super wrong here? Are checkpoints “compatible” in the loosest sense?

Hi @Kevin_Koch and welcome would you be taking the Trek on and off every time you use the Kickr ? If that’s the case it would be probably better buying a 2nd hand bike to put on the Kickr then you wouldn’t need to do that. As regards the through axle it really shouldn’t be super tight. I’ve noticed that if I turn the through axle too many times then I can’t secure it because I don’t have the strength which could be due to over tightening. Apart from that if the bike is compatible with the Kickr and your using the right components ie your bike is an 11 speed sometimes if it’s 8/9/10 speed you need to add extra wee spacers to make sure the axle doesn’t grind on the Kickr. Otherwise it might be best to contact Wahoo through the Wahoo Fitness App rather than through SYSTM which is more for problems with the app.

There may be a problem with the thru axle adapter for the ‘21 Checkpoint

You may need to contact your LBS or Wahoo Customer Support

Edit: in Nov ‘21 they noted the standard adapters they provided were not compatible with the ‘21 Checkpoint Carbon.

Edit 2: a deeper dive shows you’d need to replace not just the thru axle adapters but also the freehub lock nut

Ah I had not seen that - thank you so much for the link

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Good luck man! Fwiw, in my experience Wahoo provides phenomenal customer service.

@Kevin_Koch i edited my response so there’s 2 links you will wanna look at.

Yep! I see them thank you!

I knew I needed “new” adapters but I thought those were the ones already included with newer Kickrs - so I think at least part of my problem is I need the “newest” ones that require messing with the cassette.

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