Tegan Phillips - The Africa Record

A segment in this week’s GCN show caught my eye, Tegan Phillips’ conquest to setting a women’s world record for completing fastest ride from Cairo to Cape Town.

You can check out her webpage Cairo 2 CT to read up more about her world record setting attempt. The last I checked just about 10 minutes, ago, there hasn’t been an update on her journey yet, presumably, awaiting government authorities’ permission to begin.


She is awesome!!! Worth sending her some nice encouraging messaging on Instagram because she’s currently stuck in Cairo unable to start and really champing at the bit to start


Her comic entries for epic ride with her family is awesome too.
Yeah, I would agree with sending her lots of encouragement and love from all over the world for setting this one record which needs to exist!

Go Go Go Tegan!


Tegan on the move now. The last update was just yesterday, 24th October and she’s now at Fayed, Egypt.

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Let’s hope everything will proceed smoothly. :pray:t3: :pray:t3: :pray:t3:
Cheers to Tegan!


They’re taking a break out of town. Just awaiting permission from the Army now.

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Oh dear. It must be such an agonising wait :frowning: I hope Tegan and her team are holding up well.
In the last video update on Instagram, she did mentioned that there are some hiccups for the support cars too.

This goes to show that, things don’t really go according to plan, almost all the time. :frowning:

Yeah they’ve been quite silent the last 10 days so I hope all is ok.

Mmmhmmm, I am hoping everything is really OK for them. It’s 2nd November and there isn’t any update on both the IG page as well as the website :frowning:

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Haven’t seen them online since just after 5 October…

Edit she was online today but didn’t post anything. Hopefully all ok


Woop, an update. They’re ok. All obstacles remove and the ride commences this Tuesday, 8 November


Really? Hoping for the best :crossed_fingers:t3:


And she’s off!

Just a little update from Tegan and it seemed like Siri didn’t want to talk to her.


An update from Tegan’s FB stories, that she’s been admitted to the hospital for heat stroke and electrolyte abnormalities :frowning:

Send her your love over on FB or IG and wishing her a speedy recovery

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