Thanks & Hello SUF!

Continuing the discussion from Women's Racing - are we closer to equality with men?:

Helloooooo Sufferlandrians! I’ve been made aware some of you fine folks are talkin’ bout HALF THE ROAD, women’s equality & maybe mentioning my name here and there. Thank you for the kind words and for supporting women’s equality in cycling! Just launched my new book, STAND, which pretty much addresses all the topics in this thread. (And more vulnerability than you could ever want). It’s now out worldwide on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and indie bookstores. Sir McQuillen & I will keep ya posted with some more STAND news this spring, but wanted to jump on here and say thanks for your support of HALF THE ROAD, and the road to gender equity in cycling. Big hugs & best wishes. Dig deep, my friends. I’m cheering for ya all Tour. You got this! :muscle::facepunch::biking_woman:t3::biking_man:t3:‍♂