General - Looking forward to 2023 Cycling

This seems to be a time for reflection so I’d like to reflect on my first almost 9 weeks of riding with SYSTM and sticking to a training plan with a good smattering of all the types of apps available. It’s been a blast and well worthwhile the very reasonable fee. Strangely, despite all this fun, I’m starting to feel fitter too! I actually can’t wait to get home from work to get on the bike and/or unroll the mat and grab my notebook. I’ve had to ask a lot of questions along the way but the forum community has been very helpful to the extent that all of them have been resolved. Thanks guys and ladies, your support and help has been hugely important. Now I’m going to tackle the challenge of incorporating some RGT rides/events into the mix and try a few ‘Week Withs’. Altogether that’s an awful lot of variety with great visuals and music and the reason I chose Systm over others. So I just want to say thanks to all at wahoo who make this possible, and the great community who keep suggesting solutions to my duuuh questions, and to those awesome app and program designers. My highlights have been the road and MTB stages of the UCI WCC app, some of the Col Collective videos and Sufferfest!!! Yay for Sufferfest especially since I’ve finally been able to suffer a bit in them. Now I understand what everyone has been griping about :joy: So wishing all a Happy New Cycling Year that is fast, strong and fun!!!


It’s great to hear this perspective from someone new to SYSTM/WahooX/RGT. Thanks for sharing the early parts of your journey with us!

All the best for your 2023 riding goals!


@ikeaingrid Awesome update and glad to hear. Check out some of the NoVids on RGT or just do an Endurance ride in place of one you already have scheduled.