Considering how much attention and comments the new name “Wahooligan Tour” has attracted I thought a poll would be in order to gauge everyone’s thoughts

  • Keep the name Wahooligan
  • Change the name completely
  • Revert back to Sufferlandrian/Sufferlandria
  • Don’t care

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Love a poll!

Some will find that Sufferfest and Sufferlandria is juvenile
Some will find that Wahooligan is associated with violence
Some will find that naming it a Tour is pretentious as everyone is stationary
Some will find that whatever you name it next is wrong

I’m just glad I’m not in marketing.

I don’t care what you name it.

I’ll be riding to support people living with Parkinson’s.
I’ll be riding so I can enjoy everyone else’s suffering here on the forum
I’ll be riding to challenge myself


Sufferlandria had to go because the “suffering” brand was putting off new customers.

Wahooligan must go because of the inclusion of the word hooligan.


Call it the “Wahooligaan Tour of Sufferlandria”

as Wahooligaan is a person and Sufferlandria is a place


I love the Sufferfest branding, but I think railing against this change isn’t going to be significantly helpful.

However, there is no need for it to be a “Tour” of anything because the Tour de France isn’t the only big race.
As has been mentioned, “Hooligan” has bad connotations, especially in Britain.

Maybe we should lean on a different “Tour”?

We could actually scope for two annual events. How about:

  • Giro d’X - Which translates to “Tour of X”, which is essentially what they want, a Tour of both SYSTM and RGT

This would leave space for the

  • Vuelta a Sufferlandria - or “Return to Sufferlandria” for those of us who want to hold on to that too???

I love the idea of a Vuelta a Sufferlandria later in the year! Even a mini 2-3 day event/tour just to celebrate all things Sufferlandrian at the end of the season (Northern hemi-sphere) would be brilliant.

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Maybe we could call it “Pamperlandria” that should rake in a few more unsuspecting souls and give them a good pampering for their 14 day free trial before the S**t hits the Fan!! on day 15.


Tour of Sufferlandria P/B Wahoo and the Davis Phinney Foundation



Still love, and miss the Sufferlandria passport and all things Sufferlandria which is sadly sitting in wayback macine, left to be forgotten in time to come.

What is Honour, Glory and Victory without Pain, Misery and Agony?


Does anyone care anyway?

For me personally, it will always be Sufferlandria and Sufferlandrians. I still remember hesitation to try the platform years ago - so badass looked the promo video (well, looking at the Tour of Sufferlandria promo video was an excellent way to start, haha). But well, it happened.

“The Sufferlandrian in you is strong” - how much honour is in those words! And I have always been sure the training will beat the *** out of me - well, we come here to suffer, didn’t we?

Then it took me some time to get into yoga with Abi. Those sessions especially, when you think “oh I would better do the Omnium”. :smiley:

The pricing is still okay. The amount of training is nice. ProRides are awesome. But please, I don’t want to be a wahooligan. Loving the idea of suffering, but 100% of my suffering will be against being a hooligan of any kind. A badass - sure, but no hooligan. Still hesitating if will continue the subscription; as said, the platform is nice and kicking my ass is there but …

If it would be easy, it will be called <your_option>. You know.