The Wahooligan Tour Stage 2 - Official Race Thread

The Wahooligan Tour STAGE 2 - Monday February 26

Welcome to Day 2 of the Wahooligan Tour! Now that you’re down a stage, those initial nerves should be settling, and you can find your groove for the week ahead.

Hope you treated yourself to some solid recovery after yesterday’s ride, because today’s legwork might bring on a bit of that satisfying lactic build-up! And here’s a little extra motivation: dive into the team fundraising competition for a chance to win some Wahoo swag.

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Wahooligan Route: ProRide Tour Down Under 4
Here we are at the final event in the Santos Tour Down Under Festival of Cycling. Located on the flat, fast roads of downtown Adelaide, South Australia this ~45 minute criterium promises to be fast, fun and downright hectic. You’re on board, of course, with Australian National Road Champion Nicole Frain, experiencing exactly what Nicole did and riding exactly as she did, but according to your own power profile. While criteriums aren’t Nicole’s favorite terrain, she’s up for the challenge and is looking for an opportunity to surprise the field and perhaps slip away for the win. Can she – can you! - do it?

Suferlandrian Route: Nine Hammers
Sometimes you’re the hammer. Sometimes you’re the nail. And sometimes, you’re getting both hammered and nailed. With a series of nine different intervals, all at or above threshold, this is one of the best Maximal Aerobic Power / VO2 sessions in The Sufferfest library. It isn’t just the total amount of time spent above threshold, though.

Remember, you have 50 hours to complete each stage. As long as it’s still today’s date anywhere on earth, you’re golden. Check out the Tour Challenge Page for details on stage open and close times.

You never ride alone.

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Just heading into :hammer: :hammer::hammer: :hammer::hammer::hammer: :hammer::hammer::hammer:


9 Hammers - Done.

…and it was just as glorious as expected coming after Blender and the Pain Shakes yesterday. Can’t wait for Power Station tomorrow! With the accumulated fatigue on top of a pretty hectic work day, we might even see a few tears on Stage 3


The first stage was exported as “Wahoo System…” to Garmin and Strava but the second one is named “ Wahoo SYSTM: Wahooligan Tour Stage…”. This totally unacceptable!
Many European users explained in detail that the term “Hooligan” refers to right wing extremist/fascists. The prefix “wa” doesn’t change this association.
Sadly I got aware of the export name change after the first negative reaction on Strava.
Revert this change immediately!


@kah, the only thing I can suggest in the short term is to make your Strava activities private by default. Then you get the chance to go in and edit the title before making it public.

There have been a number of conversations here asking for the name to be changed, but so far nothing has happened.


Wowzers… Stage 2 in the books!

Always the same with this workout. Start thinking you’re the hammer, halfway through, you’re definitely the nail, then you end up as lifeless as the plank of wood said nail is being hammered into.

SUFbuckets at the ready! :face_vomiting:


Stage 2 of both tours are now in the legs. 9 :hammer: followed by TDU4 made those efforts in lap 18 (I think?) really hurt.

Bit tight on time tomorrow, so hit PowerStation as soon as the time window opened.

I have so many regrets right now… but at least tomorrow will be shorter if not easier :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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Ah 9 Hammers. Been couple of years since the last time I did it, and it’s as good (brutal) as I can remember. They key is always doing it at your fresh power level and you can really relive the sensation. That last hammer is always the scary one!


Did it at 90%.

Maybe could’ve done 95%


This reminds me of my first ToS in 2021. Stage one was Cobbler. Similar length of time to Blender. Then 9H for stage two. Seemed like the hardest thing I’d ever done at the time, about six months into my sufferfest experience. Thank goodness for the Get Me Through It option!


The main/only change I have noticed is that @Rupert.H 's avatar changed to a picture of him wearing a Wahooligan T shirt. What does that tell you about Wahoo’s take on this discussion?

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I do not believe what I just did.

After surviving Blender yesterday, I did 9H at 100% except for an extra 30 seconds of rest before Hammer 6 in order to get my HR down to Zone 2.


Nice one! Sounds like you have an appointment with Full Frontal or Half Monty some time soon. :smiling_imp:


I did a HM just before the Tour.


Because of a business trip on Wednesday I decided to speed things up and faced 9 hammers and eleven walls back to back. Turned it down a fair bit to survive.


Awesome. 9H on fresh numbers at 100% is a great achievement!


Thank you.

I have done 9H eleven times. Only twice I have not done it at 100%. Once, I had to stop early because, I barely ate the day before, and I had to stop during the 5th Hammer. The other time, it was the TOS 2021 and I did Cobbler at 100% the day before, so I did it at 75%.

What surprised me was that I was able to do it after the Blender horror show.


If you can joke like that at the end… :crazy_face:

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If it looks like a graph…


MORE THAN YOU. Less than some :stuck_out_tongue:

Needed a double dose of Courage today for Nine Hammers: Stage 2 of The Tour.