The wahoominati store is now closed

The wahoominati have authorized me to share the details of their Jakroo Team Store, opening May 9th for 15 days (cough cough 16 days) and to speak on their behalf

Screenshot 2023-05-02 at 4.55.18 PM

While currently closed, the store is set to open on May 9th. From the link above you can see what will be available and once the store is open, place your orders. The nice thing about Jakroo and the team store is that we all start with a 20% discount and the more orders that are placed for each item by the store closing deadline, the lower we all end up paying. Details on pricing, payment methods, shipping etc are all available on their site.

Jakroo HIGHLY recommends completing their Size Recommendation Tool prior to placing your order and indicate there is usually a 24 hour turnaround for that (mine was back in under an hour). Then you’ll know precisely what size to order on May 10th. Shawn is our Jakroo store manager,

Full disclosure: I do not personally benefit from sales in any way, nor does The Company.

The mission of the wahoominati is clear, protect and promote Sufferlandria. The wahoominati will unwaveringly remind The Company that they are being watched. The wahoominati will not stand idly by, nor will we stay silent when attempts to relegate our great nation are made. For the glory of Sufferlandria, the greatest mythical nation in the world, the wahoominati are watching. The wahoominati are always watching. #twaaw #iwbmattkyt #tuhntf

Xoom Xoom!


I’m glad to know you and I will get at least 20% off. :smile::+1:

Hopefully everybody’s accounts have filled back up a bit since the Wafoolitoboggan Tour.

This looks too notch. Will be perfect for a couple stages of my next KOS quest.


Thank you, Sir Glen!


I’m hoping to see pics of some of this stuff in the wild!


When I read that everyone starts with a 20% discount and even more when more people places the order, I was really surprised and wondering is this for real?

Any form of discount for me at least in this part of the world is really welcomed since it’s at least 4x the exchange rate.


Yeh, I was pretty pleased with how Jakroo set this up. Even shipping costs look reasonable and the time frame from ordering to shipping does too. Edit: I’m treating the discount as what I would have had to pay for shipping anyway.

I suppose that Jakroo is hoping to make up in volume what they otherwise would have made on individual sales.

The only thing is PayPal is not accepted as payment on a Team Store so you’ll have to use Visa, MasterCard, American Express or a Discover Card.


I think it’s fine with those payment methods and I am hoping they do ship to MY too…


Having ordered custom from Jakroo in the past they are fantastic at getting stuff to you. The discount works as advertised and will not be fully applied until the store closes. Another itemis production will not begin until the store closes either.


@#$% damned legend, Sir.


Because minions can’t count anyway, the wahoominati negotiated with Jakroo to open the store one day earlier than anticipated.

The Store (not in any way affiliated with The Company), will be open for orders from the 9th Hammer of May and remain open for precisely 15 (*cough cough 16) days, no more, no less. After closing , Jakroo estimates that delivery could be approximately the 14th Vise Grip of June.

BEFORE placing your orders, you really should complete their free Size Recommendation Service to ensure the best possible fit.

There are only 4 items available, the jersey, cap, gilet (windvest) and base layer. Pricing is dynamic. This means, once the order threshold is met, all orders for that particular item will pay the lower price as follows:

Quantity Price Schedule

2-5pc 20% Off

6-24pc 35% Off

25-49pc 40% Off

50-99pc 50% Off

I’d love to see everyone getting at least the 35% discount. Neither the wahoominati, myself or The Company is making any money on the production or sale of any of the kit.

I’ll remind you here, in case you missed it, to complete their free Size Recommendation Service and submit it BEFORE ordering to ensure the best possible fit.


So is this going to be a one off, or will there be like a seasonal run (IE: give people 3-5 chances a year to buy stuff)?

im too poor at the moment to even contemplate this (IE: just spent a ton of cash on cycling kit and entries in to cycling events).


Hey @Marty, please don’t take this as a high pressure sales tactic (cuz nobody is making any money here) but I wouldn’t count on another run in the near term anyway.

I’m not saying it’s out of the realm of possibilities. Tbh, I hadn’t actually thought about a second run, never mind multiple runs throughout the year.

I suppose if demand was high enough, I could look at reopening the store but if I were you, I’d save some pennies and take advantage of what is likely to be the best volume pricing discount we will see even if I was to open the store up again for a second time. We are all at 20%, I’m hoping to reach 35% and thinking we may even get to 40% by closing date (at least for the jersey).


I see what you did there, Sir @Glen.Coutts.



Don’t trust a minion with dates or time. The wahoominati store is now open. Cut-off is May 24th. Please be sure to complete Jakroo’s sizing recommendation tool BEFORE you place your order.

Xoom Xoom! #twaaw


Nice little feature, that personalized sizing tool.
I’m eager to know how they will size me and if I can still graciously get away with a slim fit. :sweat_smile:

Count me in for the jersey.


Order placed! Many thanks, Sir Glen!


My pleasure @DameCristy, Twas a fun project the wahoominati let me take part in. Don’t forget, pics in the wild and #twaaw. :smiling_imp:


Oh, there will be photos! I look forward to seeing everyone else’s.


My order is in as well! Thanks, Sir Glen! Can’t wait!