Tip for merging and uploading your rides to strava/other after issues

Hi everyone,
today i had the issue hat i hadn’t charged my HRM and i was all set to ride my session. I have a garmin watch, but sadly it only broadcasts HR over ANT+ and i was using my iPad so not possible to connect. Solution i recorded the activity on my watch. So i had 2 files, one from Sufferfest with power, cadence, speed and one from my watch having only the HR recorded. I found out that through this website here i could merge the two files into one single file. And then i just uploaded to strava (which mean also intervals.icu) for analysis. And all data was there HR, power…
Thought of sharing in case someone has faced same issue and din’t know how to solve it! BTW that site also has some other useful tools.
Happy suffering eveyone!


@JC2020, this saved my butt on a Basecamp Everesting earlier this month where I had to combine 20 files consisting of a mix of Garmin head unit files and a partial iPhone Strava App recording. Soooo happy to have found this too!