Syncing with Other apps / tracking your data - what is your set up?

What is your set up for all the different fitness apps?

I have the Sufferfest sessions sync to Strava and TrainingPeaks, but not Garmin. Outdoor rides (on Garmin) sync to Strava and TP.

Interested to hear how other people record, track and analyze their rides. What data do you find the most useful? Why do you track it?

I am thinking of making some changes in the medium to longer term. With the new Sufferfest calendar (and the expected additional features) I am no longer renewing my TP subscription, but signed up for the Strava premium feature.

Note I do not race, our group rides (when we used to have them) were decidedly not competitive, but still fast. So mainly I wanted to get fit to keep up - which now I can (and more), so this is a purely nerd pursuit of my own.

Also, I am probably getting a new head unit in the next 12-18 months, maybe a wahoo.


I used to use Garmin head units and thought they were okay but Wahoo head units blow them out of the water in both usability and reliability. I own a ROAM and a BOLT. (I purchased the BOLT before I became a Wahoo employee). IMO you can’t go wrong with WAHOO hardware.


Gave up with TP and now use Final Surge.
I sync to Garmun Connect then it gets pushed to Strava and Final Surge.
Hoping that soon outdoor rides will sync to the SUF Calendar.
I am a Strava premium member.:slightly_smiling_face:

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I signed up strava premium feature and quit training peaks since SUF calendar is no longer there. Also use garmin head unit Edge530 and their aplication (Connect) that have some cool tools.

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Love my Wahoo Roam, too! Bought and returned Garmin Edge 130 and 530 but didn’t like them.

I sync everything to Strava (free, for social features only) and TrainingPeaks.

I pay for TrainingPeaks Premium for workout analysis and planning, and because my entire training history is there and so is a library of The Sufferfest workouts that make planning my cycling workouts simple and easy.

I’m looking forward to being able to easily plan my workouts in The Sufferfest calendar but won’t use this until I can sync the schedule to my Mac and iOS calendar apps and push outdoor workouts to my Roam, both of which are killer TrainingPeaks features today.

I get that The Sufferfest wanted to get training plans into their own platform but I still rely heavily on TrainingPeaks. Look forward to being able to cancel that service and do my planning and analysis in The Sufferfest.


Wahoo seem to have finally nailed it (I’ve been using their stuff since the original kickstarter for the RFLKT and things were bad for a while)
I owned every single Garmin since edge205 to 820 and promised I’ll never buy anything with their brand ever again: they do not care about their users.
As far as data analysis I think TP is going down the drain (pun intended), have a coaching account and starting to have a hard time justifying it.
I wish SUF hurried up adding features and integrations to their calendar, but for performance analysis I’m using Xert and Golden Cheetah.
Syncing activities and workouts across platforms has become a real pita and doesn’t look is going to get better anytime soon.


My SUF sessions sync to Strava (just because, rarely share them), TrainingPeaks (just because, always have even though I don’t use it for anything else) and “something else”.

My outdoor sessions, recorded using IpBike on my Android phone (because I’m too cheap to buy a dedicated bike computer when I have a perfectly good multi-purpose device that can do the same thing and much more) sync to the same. I do normally share my outdoor rides on Strava though, mostly to prove to my mates that I do go outside sometimes (oh and you have to for KoM’s :grinning:).

Analysis - the “something else” because everything else does it wrong :wink: . That one is a “purely nerd pursuit of my own” kinda thing :nerd_face:


Everything (indoor, outdoor, yoga, STR) goes to Training Peaks. I am on a paid for year again. I’m not entirely sure paying for it is helping me much now. Might not even use it after this year ends.

Strava for outdoor rides as even though I’m too old to get materially quicker (decline comes with age) I still like to see and old mans personal times against the old mans precious personal times

Strava also gets stuff from SUF but I have no recollection why. They’re not shred though. So all a bit pointless but equally harmless just in case I find it useful one day

Wahoo record my outdoor rides as well but that’s just because it’s a Wahoo head unit.

So Training Peaks at the moment is the analysis place. But it doesn’t tell me anything useful really. Too much faff required and haven’t worked out how to get what I want.

All my indoor and outdoor rides go to Strava, so does my Yoga and Strength. I also record both indoor and outdoor rides on Garmin as a back up, but that is only because my head unit is a Garmin. Once it gives up I will be replacing it with a Wahoo Bolt. I do all my analysis on Golden Cheetah.


Made some changes to my setup just this week, porting everything directly to TrainingPeaks. GPS stuff still goes to Strava but am really keen on the features the paid version of TrainingPeaks offers—personal metrics, fatigue/form/fitness graph; it’s already worth the investment.

That said, if SUF starts talking with Suunto (calendars, included), I might revisit, but I’m paid up for the next 51 weeks, so I’ve got that going for me…which is nice.


I use Training Peaks as my consolidation and analysis tool. Sufferfest and Zwift for indoor training go there as well as garmin. I have assioma power pedals so I like the pedal dynamics garmin has when I ride outside with a garmin head unit. For running and strength workouts use a garmin 790 watch - so garmin passes things along to TP.
But with garmin connect down Due to malware, I’m currently missing a lot of things on TP for the last few days.

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I pay for Strava Premium. I share my SUF workouts to Garmin Connect and Strava. I do all my runs and swims on my Garmin watch which then share to Strava. Instead of TP I use the Elevate plug-in in Chrome which is free and imports all my data from Strava.

SUF or my Wahoo ELMNT (OG) or Wahoo iOS app to Strava + Training Peaks (free) + Final Surge (free). I also use which gives some additional insights beyond what Strava does.