TOS day 4 help

Hi gang

Need some help here

I was doing model and my iPad bonked with 11 minutes left. It let me save the workout and I immediately jumped back into another model workout at about the same spot (i did a few minutes extra as I figured the minions would be angry).

Will I get credit for the days race or do I have to redo it from scratch?

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ehh should? send a support ticket to the minions and see if they can help ya out

Does the workout show as completed in the ToS Challenge badge progress information?

Progress → Tour Of SUF 2022 → Details:

Check the Stage 4 status. Mine is not showing done yet, as I’m about to go and do it. If you have the green Done and Tick against it, then you’re good to go. If not, you might want to at least play the workout (without riding it) to get it to record as done.

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One would hope, but I’m guessing not.

Check the awards section in the progress tab. There’s a details tab under the badge that will show the stages you’ve been credited with.

Ooops. I’m too late. Advice already given. Must be Tour fatigue. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It gets us all, @Glen.Coutts.

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Brilliant (and obvious so I’m a bit sheepish). I got the checkmark so phew

Director, Digital Services Centre of Excellence


Thanks all. Appreciate the help.


Good to hear it’s sorted!

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From my experience with a different tour I think the requirement was 2 minutes of the video. If I did 1 minute instead I got not done. I think you’ll be fine but I’d check the “details” page in progress. Even if it isn’t I think you can probably just start the video and cook dinner or something. I don’t think it checks for a power output.

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The laser goats will find you though :goat:


I may have misread the original post but I think they said they actually had done the workout and it was an iPad related mechanical. Suspect they could pacify any interested goats.

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