TOS etiquette?


Just looking ahead having completed stages 1 -3

Day 7 is joy to behold - I’ve doubled up cash register and SUF idol a few times.

Is it correct Sufferlandrian policy to do all 3 on the same calendar day in the published order? Or is it solely get them done in the 50 hr window?


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Ideally all 3, in the prescribed order, back-to-back-to-back, within the 50 hour window.

If that happens to be on the same calendar day then I suppose you won’t have been cycling at midnight :grinning:

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SYSTM will give you credit if you do them in any order at any time during the 50 hr window. The intent is that they be done in order with less than 10 minute break in between each video, similar to the Knighthood attempt rules. up to you though.