Trainer moving forward during high intensity efforts

Looking for some help, during a high intensity effort like a 10-30s high wattage/resistance sprint I end up 2-3 feet further forward than when I started (physically) i.e. turbo and bike have moved forward. Anyone else come across this problem and how do I stop it from happening? I’ve checked the rubber feet are all set firmly on the ground.

Set up is an Elite Suito on painted concrete (although it does also happen on carpet). I didn’t really want to fix the turbo to the floor but its becoming increasingly like that is my only option.

Your input is appreciated

This happens to a lot of folk I know who push big sprint power. I believe it’s due to the very strong push pull action on the pedals and the bike spry of pulses forwards. Their tip is to put a 25kg weight on each arm of the trainer.

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Have you tried to put a rubber mat under the trainer? That should reduce the movement at least a little bit.


Thanks @DameLisa luckily I work in theatres so I’ll pick up some stage weights and give it a go!

@Holger1980 I have, I’ll need try different mats though, all that happened was the mat moved with the trainer but not the front wheel so I ended up with an arch of mat right under my pedals!

I recommend an anti-vibration mat, like the one you can put under the washing machine. It stays in place no matter what.


My uncle fixed it by buying a rockerplate and fixing the trainer on it. Doesn’t move anymore now.


Great, now I don’t SPRINT hard enough, either! :roll_eyes:


I use a riser block under the front wheel, and also a mat for the trainer. The riser block is relatively inexpensive and cured my trainer moving forward in sprint sessions :+1:


A towbar might help…


Does that work on a carpeted floor too?

I watched my mate win the 3rd Zwift Premium race this week with that exact setup and he nearly ended up under his desk in the final sprint. Bike moved nearly 2m forward in just 15 seconds. He’s organised 50kg of weights for race 4. Dude only weighs 60-something kgs I think. But he was pushing STUPID watts!!

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Sorry, but I don’t know that. But since the surface of these heavy rubber mats is rather rough, it will likely work or is worth a try. Unfortunately, I cannot try it because I don’t have a carpeted floor. Well, actually, we have one carpet made of wool, but if my girlfriend sees me putting the mat on it to try if it will move, I think I will have to look for another house where I can put my trainer on a mat.

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I’m now adding “make my trainer move more” to my SUFF/SYS goals. :pleading_face:


My suito also moves a bit, but much more annoying is the flat tires. Ran a flat front tire 3 times on standing sprints last month. Any solutions for that? It sits in the suito riser.

I haven’t had a flat, more I just need to remember to pump it up every once in a while. I don’t use the rise for two reasons a/ Its flimsy an dcaves in on itself b/ the bike is horizontal without it.

Maybe that’s my problem, maybe the bike is meant to be raised slightly at the front!?

I don’t know. I do not like the riser, as its plastic and moves alot on my concrete floor (stil need to find a piece of rubber to put underneat it). However i have not tried without it.

Drill some holes in your floor and install anchors to bolt the turbo down? Could also be a technique thing, all that energy moving the trainer around could have gone into the drivetrain if your pedal stroke was smoother, I’d prescribe cadence drills rather than drilling your floor.

I used to row at high school and spent a lot of time on a Concept II Erg, they used to shift around if you had jerky technique.

When I used to ride in my garage with an exercise mat on top of smooth concrete, after hard efforts my trainer would usually end up moving off to one side so that I would end up facing diagonally to my original direction. Haven’t seemed to have the same problem now that I’m inside and have a mat on top of carpet. Probably also helps that I drop my chain during hard sprints, so I rarely down them full out, anymore. But the mat on the carpet does seem to help. The mat still does shift slightly from time to time.

I would take @DameLisa 's advice of weighing down the trainer. I’ve used a mat and this just ends up bunching up. Weights on the arms is a common eRacer trick for keeping everything stable during sprint efforts